13 Times Being Single At A Wedding Made You Want To Drink More Champagne


No plus-one? No problem.

Only thing worse than being single at a wedding? Being single at a wedding before you've drank way too much champagne to mind.

Even if you're totally comfortable with your singlehood or perhaps even wear it as a badge of pride in other situations, there's something about a wedding that seems to bring out the pitying stares en mass.

Rest assured you're not alone. Here you'll find a collection of all the worst moments of being single at a wedding that generations of single women everywhere can totally relate to.

1. When a Group Of Elderly Women Silently Judge Your Spinster Existance

2. When You Realize the Champagne's the Strongest Alcohol Option

3. Tryna' Drink Enough To Make the Only Single Guy There Not a Creeper

4. When the Couple's Song Plays

...and you still ain't drunk enough for the lone creepy single guy.

5. Staring at the Random Numbers of Single Dudes Everyone Keeps Giving You

6. Tryna' Face the Horrors of the Singles Table With Grace

7. Spying Your Ex Across the Room...With His Date

8. Gearing Up To Go All Hunger Games On the Bouquet Toss

9. When You Don't Catch It Cause You Already Too Drunk on the Champagne

10. The Brief Moment You Consider Taking Down the 10 Year Old Who Caught It

11. When You Feel Like You Have To Explain Your Singlehood Like 50 Times

12. Or Everyone Else Trys to Help By Explaining Your Singlehood For You

13. When You've Made A Fool Of Yourself And Vow To Avoid Any More Weddings Until Your Own

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