13 Savage Responses To The "When Are You Getting Married?" Question

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Number 5 is too good.

Ever notice how once you reach a certain age, the issue of when you plan to tie the knot seems like it's the question on everyone's mind but your own?

Here we've devised a list of clever comebacks to the age old "when are you getting married?" question, that you totally didn't hear from us.

Whether you're sick of dodging the tactlessness of you relatives or your newly married friends, consider yourself henceforth armed and ready for the next poor fool who decides to get all up in your marital business.

1. BRB. I’m Currently Far Too Sober for This Conversation.

2. Oh, Awkward. You Didn’t Get the Invite?

3. (Over the Pleasant Hum Of Your Vibrator)...I Can't Heeeear You

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4. OMG! Why Didn't We Think of That? We’ll Be Right Back…

5. Just Waitin' For the Kickstarter Fund To Top Off

6. First Things First. Let's Talk About That Divorce Everyone Sees Coming But You...

7. Take It Up With His Parole Board, Cupcake

8. As Soon As We Get To the Bottom of Those Vegas Pictures and Confirm We Aren’t Already

9. We Figure It's Only Fair To Break a Few Things To His Current Wife First

10. We Figure We Might As Well Wait Til I Deliver So We Can Rent Tiny Tuxes for the Twins

11. Why? You Thinkin’ of Askin’, Cowboy?

12. Dunno. When You Plannin' On Dying Tho?

13. You Know We Thought About It, But We Just Really Dig The Premarital Sex

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