8 Iconic Winter Coats From Movies You Need to Own

Kate Hudson wearing her iconic coat as Penny Lane in Almost Famous
Almost Famous via DreamWorks Pictures

Dressing like your favorite movie character has never been easier!

Bundle Up With One of These Warm Coats From Our Favorite Winter Movies

Winter isn't coming, it's here. And it plans on lingering around far past its welcome. Thanks, global warming.

The only thing that makes the season slightly more tolerable (other than a cozy electric blanket or safe space heater, obviously) is having a sturdy winter coat.

We feel like the most powerful people in the world when we sport our stylish winter coats, most of which we purchased after seeing our favorite characters in movies wear them. Who better to draw inspiration from than some fashionable leading ladies?

For those of you in dire need of a new winter coat, we've rounded up a few styles inspired by those worn in some of our all-time favorite films. Keep scrolling to browse our selections!

The White Witch ('The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe')

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe via Buena Vista Pictures

Though she is a character we hate deeply, we can't deny the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe had some killer fashion sense. She knew how to dress for the winter months and make it seem effortless. We still think about this cozy coat from time to time when we're chilly on a winter's day. It's peak winter fashion and something only the most fashion-forward individual could pull off. Are you one of them?

Here are some coat options inspired by the White Witch:

Penny Lane ('Almost Famous')

Almost Famous via DreamWorks Pictures

Penny Lane holds a special place in our hearts for so many reasons, one of them being her effortless style. She could wear a paper bag and somehow turn it into the fashion trend of the century. Her most defining wardrobe essential was that '70s fur trimmed coat, one that we own from a few different retailers. To be a band-aid like Penny, you need a coat like this in your life.

Here are some coat options inspired by Penny Lane:

Jenny Cavilleri ('Love Story')

Love Story via Paramount Pictures

Love Story ripped out our hearts to stomp all over it, but it did provide us with plenty of fashion inspiration thanks to the marvelous Jenny Cavilleri. She's still everything we want to be and more. Sadly, the closest we'll ever get to that is sporting a similar coat to the one pictured above. Trendy and practical, this is a coat you'll have in your closet for years and years and... years.

Here are some coat options inspired by Jenny Cavilleri:

Marge Gunderson ('Fargo')

Fargo via Gramercy Pictures

Fargo isn't the most fashion-forward movie by any means, but boy does Marge Gunderson look as cozy as ever in the winter thanks to her hefty uniformed winter coat. Thankfully, you don't need to join the force to get one of your very own. If you really want to be as accurate as you can, you might need to purchase some accessories to spruce up your jacket.

Here are some coat options inspired by Marge Gunderson:

Anastasia ('Anastasia')

Anastasia via 20th Century Fox

We know Anastasia is an animated movie and not part of the Disney family (it's a 20th Century Fox production), but that shouldn't discredit the fashion displayed in the film. Even as an orphan, she knew how to be stylish. While we do love this green trench coat and have one that's fairly similar, that blue dress she wears (you know exactly which one we're talking about) is something we can never erase from our memory.

Here are some coat options inspired by Anastasia:

Vivian Ward ('Pretty Woman')

Pretty Woman via Buena Vista Pictures

That red jacket Vivian wore is what dreams are made of. To wear it is to make a statement and know that you will catch the attention of everyone you walk past. If you were born to stand out, you need a coat like this for the winter.

Here are some coat options inspired by Vivian Ward:

Carrie Bradshaw ('Sex and the City')

Sex and the City via New Line Cinema

You didn't think we'd leave off one of the most style savvy characters of all time, did you? We've seen many a stunning looks from Miss Carrie Bradshaw, but none of them made us gasp for air like the moment she ran out of her house in pajamas and a striking fur coat. It was then she solidified why her style is so often emulated on and offscreen.

Here are some coat options inspired by Carrie Bradshaw:

Mrs. Robinson ('The Graduate')

The Graduate via Embassy Pictures

We have a love-hate relationship with the infamous Mrs. Robinson. But by god would we give anything to own the exact leopard print coat she draped over her perfect frame in The Graduate. The print is making a comeback this year, so you'll be a style star owning a jacket like this one. Maybe it'll even bring out your inner Mrs. Robinson?

Here are some coat options inspired by Mrs. Robinson:

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