15 'Tuca and Bertie' Quotes We Can't Stop Laughing At

Tuca and Bertie talking to each other in a scene from the Netflix show
Tuca and Bertie via Netflix

Our new favorite Netflix original!

These Tuca and Bertie Quotes Make Us Laugh Every Single Time

The creators of BoJack Horseman have blessed us with another animated series we can't get enough of.

Featuring the voices of Ali Wong and Tiffany Haddish, Tuca and Bertie follows the lives of two 30-year-old bird women.

It might just be our new favorite Netflix original series, edging ahead of BoJack Horseman. If you haven't started watching it yet, you absolutely must.

Maybe these hilarious quotes from the show can convince you to do just that? Scroll below for the best quotes from the first season of Tuca and Bertie.

Best Tuca and Bertie Quotes

  • "You thirsty?" -Bertie

  • "I bring a lot of zest to my environment." -Tuca

  • "Ugh, I hate change." -Bertie

  • "That's the alarm that sounds when no women have spoken out loud for three minutes." -Tuca

  • "I want a promotion." -Bertie

Funny Tuca and Bertie Quotes

  • "It's like whatever, you know?" -Bertie

  • "You're about to get Tuca." -Tuca

  • "You're so brave wearing an article of clothing that's impossible to pee in." -Tuca

  • "You got a jaguar? Are you crazy?" -Bertie

  • "Why do you never want to have fun adventures anymore?" -Tuca

Cute Tuca and Bertie Quotes

  • "Since you moved out, I feel like something's missing." -Bertie

  • "I deserve to be treated like a person and not an object." -Bertie

  • "I have an amazing idea! Follow me!" -Tuca

  • "Get out of my space or I'll break your space." -Bertie

  • "You're my best friend." -Tuca

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