15 Best Thanos Quotes From Infinity War and Endgame

Thanos showing off his Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers: Infinity War via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

"Avengers... Unloyal wretches."

We Promise These Thanos Quotes Don't Spoil the Endgame

Avengers: Endgame is here and breaking box office records left and right. And with good reason, seeing as this latest Marvel flick brings about the end of an era for some of Earth's mightiest heroes.

Though everyone's been talking about the superhero movie, everyone has adhered to the Russo brothers' wish of not spoiling the Endgame (though Twitter did share plenty of no-context spoilers for the world to try and decipher).

We're not going to spoil anything here, but we are going to share some of Thanos' greatest quotes from both Endgame and Infinity War. Better hurry up and read them before he snaps his fingers and possibly erases your existence.

Best Thanos Quotes

  • "Little one, it's a simple calculus. This universe is finite, its resources, finite. If life is left unchecked, life will cease to exist. It needs correcting."

  • "You should have gone for the head."

  • "Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe. But this… does put a smile on my face."

  • "I ignored my destiny once, I can not do that again. Even for you. I'm sorry little one."

  • "The hardest choices require the strongest wills."

Thanos Infinity War Quotes

  • "The end is near."

  • "You're strong. But I could snap my fingers, and you'd all cease to exist."

  • "I know what it is like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail, nonetheless. It's frightening, turns the legs to jelly. I ask you to what end? Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives all the same. And now it is here. Or should I say, I am."

  • "You have my respect, Stark. When I'm done, half of humanity will still be alive. I hope they remember you."

  • "No resurrections this time."

Thanos Endgame Quotes

  • "Avengers... Unloyal wretches."

  • "I will shred this universe down to it's last atom and then, with the stones you've collected for me, create a new one. It is not what is lost but only what it is been given... a grateful universe."

  • "The work is done. I won. What I'm about to do, I'm gonna enjoy it. Very, very much!"

  • "I am... inevitable."

  • "You could not live with your own failure, and where did that bring you? Back to me."

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