10 Thanksgiving Nail Art Ideas That Aren't All Turkeys

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Gobble, gobble!

Give Thanks This November With These Thanksgiving Nail Art Ideas

As we've gotten older, we've found it becomes increasingly more difficult to get excited for the holidays.

Year after year, we feel our enthusiasm for Thanksgiving specifically become less and less apparent. It's just another holiday forcing us to spend more time with our family and be glutenous over genocide. Don't pretend like you don't feel the same, because we know you do.

All that aside, one way we like to express what very little holiday spirit we have is by adorning our nails with a design that relates to Thanksgiving. We try to do something different every year, so we spend a lot of time rounding up unique designs to emulate.

If you need help find the perfect Thanksgiving nail art, we've got you (or, your nails) covered. Scroll through our list of the 10 best Thanksgiving nail art designs for a little bit of inspiration. No need to thank us. But if you'd like, we accept cash, checks, and Venmo.

1. Pilgrims Thanksgiving Nail Art

While pilgrims weren't all they're cracked up to be in the history books, we like to assume these little ones understand inclusivity and don't practice genocide. But, who knows?

2. Cuticle Pumpkins Thanksgiving Nail Art

You can't have Thanksgiving without some pumpkins, especially in pie form. Give thanks to the gourd that keeps on giving with this dainty design.

3. Snoopy and Woodstock Thanksgiving Nail Art

What's cuter than a design featuring two of the best Peanuts characters of all time? You know Snoopy would love to be painted on your nails for the duration of the holiday.

4. 'Thankful' Thanksgiving Nail Art

We're very thankful such simple yet powerful nail art like this exists. You'll always be reminded to give thanks whenever you glance down at your fingertips.

5. Turkey Thanksgiving Nail Art

Seeing as the turkey is generally the main focus during your holiday feast, it makes sense this majestic bird would be the centerpiece of this nail art.

6. Fall Leaves Thanksgiving Nail Art

A design that doesn't blatantly scream Thanksgiving, it still has the feel of the holiday for those who prefer to keep their nail art more low key than the rest.

7. Plaid Thanksgiving Nail Art

Orange you plaid this nail art design is on the list? We know that pun was bad, but we don't get paid enough to come up with a better one.

8. Scarecrow Thanksgiving Nail Art

Keep the Halloween spirit alive with this scarecrow nail art. He still feels very Thanksgiving, but we all know scarecrows are just a tad bit spooky regardless of how calm they look.

9. Matte Orange Thanksgiving Nail Art

A simple design that still pops, everyone will be obsessed with your nails when you show up rocking this design to all your Thanksgiving feats.

10. Trees Thanksgiving Nail Art

The beauty of fall foliage is that it reminds us it's okay to change and that it's an inevitable part of life, but that doesn't mean we don't have to dread it. Allow yourself to be thankful for being an ever-evolving being with this design adorning your nails.

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