7 Satisfying Sex Toys for the Scorpio Zodiac Sign

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Give into temptation!

Give Into Your Deepest Desires With These Sex Toys for a Scorpio

Scorpio season is here, and it's time to get deep.

We mean this in every sense of the word, but mainly sexually. If you do anything during this time, let it be allowing yourself to experience your deepest desires in the bedroom.

Whether you are a Scorpio or are with one, these sex toys for the Scorpion will help you release your inhibitions and feel the rain on your skin.

Find the best one for you or the Scorpio in your life now!

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1. Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle

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If there's one thing Scorpios love, it's definitely shower sex. While they could get it on in any aquatic environment, the shower is always easiest. This toy may not seem that exciting for a mysterious Scorpio, but it'll help them have more intimate shower sex.

2. KY Intense Pleasure Gel for Her

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Scorpios tend to be very intense, especially in the bedroom. Still, sometimes they need some extra help achieving the level of intensity that gets them off. This clitoral gel gives them the opportunity to feel warming, cooling, and tingling sensations all at once. Scorpios may also love the enhanced pleasure from other lubes that feature CBD for sex.

3. Leather and Ice Whip

via Babeland

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Now we're getting into more of the sex toys one would imagine a Scorpio would have. This handcrafted black leather and glass flogger doubles as a dildo, so you can quite literally get the best of both worlds while using it.

4. Mystim Tickling Truman E-Stim Rechargeable Realistic Dildo Vibrator

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This dildo-vibrator combo will quite literally deliver a shock to the system, as one of its defining characteristics is its ability to deliver electro stimulation for powerful orgasms. A Scorpio is down to try anything, so they'll definitely be game for this toy.

5. Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing

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Getting into any and every position will be made a lot easier with this sex swing in your (sex) life. It'll help you be more creative in the bedroom and try some of the most intense Kama Sutra positions around.

6. Lovehoney All You Need Bondage Kit

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This 20 piece bondage kit is quite literally all a Scorpio needs to unleash their darkness a bit in the bedroom. To some, this may look like it belongs in an evidence locker, but not to a Scorpio. They love a lot of bondage to be worked into their routine.

7. Fetish Fantasy Couples Sex Machine

via Adam & Eve

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No Scorpio has unlocked their full bedroom potential until they get a little practice in on a sex machine. While this one works for couples, we recommend giving it a go on one's own first to really know what you're capable of when it comes to all things sex.

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