7 Sex Toys Only a Sagittarius Will Enjoy

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Set yourself free, Sag!

These Sex Toys Give a Sagittarius the Freedom They Crave

Sagittarius season is finally upon us, so now's the best time to celebrate the wild, free-spirited archer.

We personally believe Sag is the best zodiac sign, though we're obviously being biased when we say that. Still, that shouldn't deter anyone from living their best life during the season, especially our fellow Sags.

We plan on expressing our freedom through some sinful bedroom endeavors. Sex, we're talking about sex here.

For all the Sags out there who want to do exactly the same, we're here for you. We've rounded up the best sex toys for your zodiac sign, so shop them all below!

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1. Revitalize Pocket Vibrator Kit

via Adam & Eve

Buy it from Adam & Eve here!

As a person who is always on the go, you need a trusty vibrator kit you can keep in your travel bag. With its detachable heads, you can experience four different sensations with just one toy. Whichever way you're craving it, this vibrator delivers.

2. Bondage Boutique Black Rose Faux Fur Lined Wrist Cuffs

via Lovehoney

Buy them from Lovehoney here!

You're willing to try anything once, Sag. So if you haven't already given bondage in the bedroom a go, start with these gorgeous cuffs as restraints. They work for you or your partner, so don't shy away from testing them every which way.

3. Sagittarius-Inspired Vibrator

via Bijoux Indiscrets

Buy it from Bijoux Indiscrets here!

Packaged in a handy-dandy box, this kit features a necklace, clitoral balm, and finger vibrator all programed to bring a Sagittarius ultimate pleasure. When something is made for you, you can't help but seize the opportunity. This is one of those opportunities, Sag.

4. Lovehoney Dream Bullet 10 Function Bullet Vibrator

via Lovehoney

Buy it from Lovehoney here!

Wherever you go, be sure to take this dreamy vibrator with you. You can also amp-up your pleasure levels by using some lube infused with CBD for sex. Featuring 10 unique functions that'll rock your socks off, you'll never want to use another vibrator ever again. Well, at least for a few months, as commitment is not your thing.

5. The Road Trip

via Dame

Buy it from Dame here!

Featuring two great Dame products in a nifty travel tote, your road trips just got a whole lot more exciting. You'll never have to remember to pack a toy with this travel buddy in your duffle bag.

6. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

via Lovehoney

Buy it from Lovehoney here!

You're a wild, free-spirit, Sag. You already know that, but we just wanted to say that so you understood why we picked this panty vibrator out for you. Making it easy to get off on the go, you'll get great use out of these undies.

7. Adam & Eve Condom Sampler

via Adam & Eve

Buy it from Adam & Eve here!

Not so much a sex toy, but something you desperately need to remember are condoms. You're adventurous and willing to do the deed anywhere, but sometimes you forget to practice safe sex. That won't be an issue so long as you keep some of these condoms on you at all times, Sag.

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