5 Inconspicuous Places to Store Your Sex Toys

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Keep 'em under lock and key!

Keep Your Sex Toys Safe With These Inconspicuous Storage Options

You finally purchased that sex toy you've been dreaming about for months. Congrats, now where do you store it?

If you live alone, you can keep it in the box under your bed and call it a day. But if you live in a house full of people, things aren't that simple. You really have to keep it hidden from lookie-loos.

The best way to do that is keep it locked away in an inconspicuous storage option. We've already gone ahead and rounded up five sex toy storage units for you to choose from.

Find the best one for you below!

1. UVee Go Play

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In just five minutes, the UVee Go Play will sanitize over 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria on your sex toys. Not only that, it also charges your toys when they aren't in use, so they're ready to go for your next session. The best part about this storage unit? It's TSA-approved. Game, set, match.

2. Joyboxx Hygienic Sex Toy Storage System

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This storage system is a pretty hefty one that can hold a variety of sex toys in one container, making it easier on you. The locking system isn't as intricate as most, so you'll need to be sure to stash it somewhere prying eyes won't be looking.

3. Lovehoney Lockable Sex Toy Case Large

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The perfect storage case to travel with, this one from Lovehoney is also lockable. Getting into it isn't as easy as it seems, so you know your toys will be safe and sound within these padded walls.

4. Throw Pillow Safe

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If you want something that doesn't look like a storage system at all, this throw pillow is right up your alley. You can even keep it on your bed, making access to your sex toys easier when you need them most. What more could you ask for?

5. AmazonBasics Book Safe

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Another discreet means of storage, no one will find themselves trying to get into the contents of this dictionary, especially not when the internet exists. That makes it the perfect place to keep your toys locked away form the outside world.

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