7 Most Comfortable Sex Positions for Endometriosis

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Make sex enjoyable again!

Least Painful Sex Positions for Endometriosis

An estimated 176 million women worldwide suffer from endometriosis, a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus is found outside of the reproductive organ.

Endometriosis is commonly associated with pelvic pain, with many women experiencing excruciating menstrual pain during their period. But it doesn't stop there. The pelvic pain many women experience makes it difficult for them to enjoy sex.

That being said, there are ways to make sex less painful if you have endometriosis. Apart from taking pain relievers or using lube, knowing which positions you should and shouldn't have sex in always helps.

Below, you'll find the least painful sex positions for endometriosis. Start enjoying your sex life once again!

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Being on top allows the woman to control the momentum, making it easier for her to dictate how slow, fast, and deep the man goes. It'll make for greater sex when the woman gets to control what goes on. Plus, she won't feel bad saying she needs to stop or try a different position.

Doggy Style

Good ol' doggy style should definitely be a go-to position if you or your partner has endometriosis. Getting down on all fours allows the woman to be a bit more comfortable, due to the angling of the penis. If you're not a fan of the generic version, try one of these doggy style variations.

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Spooning isn't just reserved for cuddling, as it's also a great sex position for endometriosis. Penetration can't be too deep, which is perfect for anyone with this painful condition. The deeper the penis goes, the more painful sex will be.


Not only does this position help you feel incredibly close to your partner, it makes sex a heck of a lot less painful for someone with endometriosis. Penetration is more shallow, intimacy is heightened, and the female partner has easier access to her clit, helping her get off. What more could you ask for?

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Standing Doggy

Standing positions are always a great option for women with endometriosis, because (you guessed it) it doesn't allow your partner to go that deep. The more shallow the penetration, the better, in this instance.

Shower Sex

Speaking of standing sex positions, why not migrate them into the shower? Some people aren't about shower sex, but we personally love it. Though the water may be lubricant enough for some, women with endometriosis need a little bit more to feel comfortable. So don't forget your lube of choice when getting it on in the shower.

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Oral Sex

Sometimes a position that requires penetration is simply out of the question. Does that mean you should stop having sex? Not necessarily, especially seeing as oral is always an option. Give your woman the oral she deserves.

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