15 'Reprisal' Quotes That Revenge Is Sweet

Reprisal via Hulu

Revenge is sweet!

Live Out Your Revenge Fantasy in These Reprisal Quotes

Though Netflix is generally our go-to streaming platform, Hulu has been stepping it up with their original programming.

From Dollface to Shrill, we've been obsessed with everything being released on Hulu over t he years.

Their latest original series, Reprisal, is no different. A revenge story featuring one badass femme fatale, it's an adventurous plot with a slew of fascinating characters.

For those who haven't already binged the series in one sitting like we did, we have something that might convince you to do just that—quotes from the show.

Scroll through these Reprisal quotes now!

Best Reprisal Quotes

  • "I'm afraid that part is a little more complicated." -Doris

  • "What do you plan to do to them?" -Molly

  • "We don't kill people, unless we have to." -Earl

  • "War is not something we should be afraid of." -Joel

  • "Keep your head up and your eyes opened." -Doris

Iconic Reprisal Quotes

  • "She has come back for revenge, and I don't blame her." -Joel

  • "What do you know about family?" -Matty

  • "They were that convinced I wouldn't be a threat to them." -Doris

  • "Man, I didn't see this coming." -Big Graham

  • "Still trying to figure you out." -Earl

Badass Reprisal Quotes

  • "Something's waking up inside me, this darkness. And you helped me realize it." -Doris

  • "It's our home, our world." -Meredith

  • "All my life, people have been underestimating me. Being underestimated is the greatest advantage you can have over other people." -Doris

  • "It's all about protecting our own." -Meredith

  • "You do what you have to do." -Thomas

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