Inspiring 'My Anxiety Story' Videos Everyone Needs to Watch

Syifa Adriana discussing her struggles with anxiety in a YouTube video
Syifa Adriana via YouTube

It's time to get real.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, "anxiety disorders are the most common mental health concern in the United States."

There are roughly 40 million adults in the U.S. who have an anxiety disorder, so if you feel as though you're alone in dealing with the mental illness, you're not.

That being said, it doesn't make it any easier to share your struggles with the world and seek help. But that's exactly what these inspiring humans did.

Not ones to let the stigma surrounding mental illness keep them from sharing their hardships with anxiety, these women from all walks of life were brave enough to let the world see their anxiety up close and personal.

Using the 'my anxiety story' tag as their vertical, the women featured below stepped up to share their stories.

My Story: Anxiety & Panic Attacks by Stephanie Luster

In her story, Stephanie Luster reveals her struggles with being diagnosed with anxiety and panic attacks after being put on blood pressure medication. She also credits her religion and God with helping her get through it all and even being brave enough to share her tale.

Hear the rest of her story below:

My Anxiety and Depression Story by Anita Miron

Looking at Anita Miron, you wouldn't think she has depression or anxiety—yet, she does. A mother of two, she revealed she first noticed her symptoms when she didn't find any joy in eating or even sleeping.

Hear the rest of her story below:

My Anxiety Story by Hannah Baker

Normally one to discuss her hair and makeup routines, YouTuber Hannah Baker decided to get real with her anxiety struggles. It wasn't easy for her to share, but she opens up in the most beautiful way.

Hear the rest of her story below:

Anxiety & Feeling Low | Story Time by Carys Gray

Anxiety attacks are never fun to deal with, especially in front of others. But YouTube Carys Gray wasn't afraid to showcase one of her anxiety attacks for the world to see.

Hear the rest of her story below:

How to Conquer Anxiety | My Anxiety & Depression Story by Jess Fynn

Stepping out of her comfort zone, Jess Fynn discussed her struggles with anxiety and depression throughout her life. She reveals how she overcame it, along with how she deals it when she travels the world.

Hear the rest of her story below:

My Anxiety Story by Syifa Adriana

The way in which Syifa Adriana discusses the feelings having anxiety causes on a daily basis is heartbreaking to watch. Her struggles are ones we know all too well and we just want to give her a hug through our computer screen.

Hear the rest of her story below:

The Truth About My Anxiety & Hypochondria by Christine Di'Amore

Like many people with anxiety, Christine Di'Amore discusses how she's struggled with talking about the mental health issue over the years. She gets real and isn't afraid to give the raw version of her anxiety.

Hear the rest of her story below:

My Anxiety Story - How to Overcome Anxiety and Panic by Jodi Aman

Jodi Aman was first introduced to anxiety when she was 5 years old. From a young age, she learned to cope with the mental illness and shares how she's been able to maintain her happiness throughout life.

Hear the rest of her story below:

My Anxiety/Depression Story & Deliverance Testimony by Keshia Pierre

Even though you know you have anxiety, it can get better or worse out of nowhere. When that happens, it's incredibly tough to deal with all on your own. Keshia Pierre discusses her struggles with her anxiety getting worse and how God helped her overcome the mental illness.

Hear the rest of her story below:

My Anxiety & Postpartum Depression Story by Katie Sottile

Lifestyle and motherhood YouTuber Katie Sottile opened up about her hardships with anxiety and postpartum depression in hopes of helping others in the process. She lets it all out and doesn't hold anything back.

Hear the rest of her story below: