10 Bits of Michigan Slang Only a True Resident Will Know

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Do you know what fudgies are?

Michigan Slang Only a True Michigander Knows

Every state has their own unique set of lingo that's different from the rest.

For Michiganders, yours happens to be a little bit more distinctive than most. If you're Pure Michigan, you'll recognize these words and phrases right off the bat. But if you don't, you might need to relocate.

Keep scrolling for 10 bits of Michigan slang only a true Michigander will know!

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1. The Mitten

Any resident of the state knows their state as "The Mitten," because it's shaped exactly like one on the map. If you say you're from Michigan and not The Mitten, you're doing something wrong. Call your state by its name.

2. Fudgies

To some, this sounds like it could be the name of a delicious fudge treat. But all Michiganders know it's slang for tourists. At least they're given a sweet name.

3. Pop

Soda? What's that? Every Michigander knows soft drinks are referred to as pop and nothing else. And if anyone tries to tell you it's soda, you'll put them in their place.

4. Party Store

Speaking of drinks, a Michigander doesn't go to the liquor store to get alcohol—oh, no. They go to the party store to get their poison. Honestly, we should just start calling all liquor stores party stores, because it sounds so much more fun.

5. Michigan Left

There are no U-turns in Michigan, but there are Michigan left—which is slang for the Michigan version of a U-turn, but fudgies don't know that.

6. Yoopers

If you're from the upper peninsula, you've probably been referred to as a yooper from a flatlander.

7. Flatlanders

And this is what yoopers call those from the lower peninsula. See, it goes both ways.

8. Jeet

Well, jeet? If you don't know what that means, let's rephrase it: did you eat? Any true Michigander would've gotten that from the title. Enough said.

9. Lookit

A phrase used for when you find something worthy of being checked out or gawked over, most Michiganders will use this phrase at least 10 times a day.

10. Melk

It's pronounced melk, not milk—but it still does a body good.

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