Funniest Menopause Memes Women Will Find Relatable

Cartoon drawing of a woman walking in the snow wearing a swimsuit and being blasted by a fan
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Mood swings, available every 10 minutes.

Most Relatable Menopause Memes

Menopause sucks.

We don't think a single person would fight us on that statement. And if you wanted to, we know we'd prove you wrong.

Nothing about going through menopause is exciting or fun, but there are ways to find humor in everything.

Memes are the easiest way to do that, especially for us. They help us get through the toughest of times, yet they're so incredibly simple and somewhat meaninglessβ€”but in that lies all the fun.

Scroll below for some of our favorite menopause memes any woman going through it right now will find all too relatable!

You're practically a different person when the day ends:

You can start out all peppy and sweet, but things quickly take a turn for the worse.

This cat is the poster child for menopause:

There really is a thin line between love and homicide.

When even the chilliest weather doesn't keep you cool:

We'll take 12 of these contraptions!

Because hot flashes never sleep:

No matter the hour, they'll strike in a moment's notice.

Mood swings also happen fairly frequently:

Sometimes, they're available every five minutes. It all depends on the day.

At least you don't need to buy matches:

Who needs a lighter when your hot flashes do the trick?

We know these dwarfs all too well:

We're bloaty 95 percent of the time.

Women who aren't going through menopause think they're hot shit:

Little do they know what's in store for them...

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We've found the cause of the problem:

Men, men are the problem.

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Hot flashes are basically a vacation:

They're just short, private ones to the tropics.

Embrace your hotness:

Yes, you're still hot.

If only hot flashes could help us with this problem:

Burn off some fat, why don't ya?

Men will never understand the struggle:

If only every man was this poetic about menopause.

Menopause is almost like identity theft:

When you really think about it, it sort of robs you of your identity.

We'd prefer many paws over menopause:

Will owning more cats help ease our menopause-related symptoms?

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