Men of Reddit Reveal Their Best Sex Tips for Women

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Listen up, ladies!

Men of Reddit Reveal Their Best Sex Tips for Women

Hello, ladies!

If you're looking for the best sex tips, you've come to the right place. A Reddit thread titled Men of Reddit, what's your best sex tip for women? offers some of the ultimate sex-related advice around.

While there are many tips and tricks the men have "blessed" us women with, not all of them are outstanding, needless to say. So we've gone a step further by weeding out the bad from the good.

Scroll below for the best sex tips, according to men of Reddit now!

Don't Be Afraid to Initiate

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Reddit user greatwhitegibby notes that initiating can go a long way.

Tell Them What You Want

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User [Reygle] makes a strong point with this tip. Tell them what you want.

Communication Is Sexy

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We couldn't agree with Reddit user SexySenna more. Communicate with your partner.

Engage in Foreplay

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As Reddit user Sarioth says, foreplay is critical to a great lovemaking session.

Help Yourself

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Touch yourself if you need to. Reddit user BongRips4Jezus has the right idea.

Being Self-Conscious Kills the Mood

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Reddit user RedlineChaser knows what's up. Ladies, love yourself and don't get too caught up in having to be perfect.

Don't Fake It

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Reddit user Rpgwaiter is right, the bedroom is the only place you shouldn't fake it till you make it.

Ignore Cosmo Tips

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We agree with Reddit user enameless, ignore Cosmo's ridiculous sex tips. Some are great, but most aren't.

Be Firm

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Reddit user TriggeredSnake's tip speaks for itself.

Enjoy Yourself

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Though this user had been deleted, we love their advice. Being enthusiastic and actually enjoying yourself will make for one heck of a thrilling sexual experience.

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