Best Las Vegas Golden Knights-Inspired Instagram Captions

Players celebrating from the Las Vegas Golden Knights
via Instagram: @vegasgoldenknights

Go, Knights, go!

Golden Knights Instagram Captions

We're deep into the Stanley Cup Finals. And if you're a Las Vegas Golden Knights fan, we bet you're super stoked about your team's performance.

You can't always cheer them on at a game, but you can brag about them all over social media—especially Instagram.

Whether you're sharing a photo, video, or boomerang, we've got all the captions you need to show your support on IG for the Golden Knights. Check them out below!

  1. "Go, Knights, go!" -Unknown

  2. "The Stanley Cup belongs in Vegas." -Unknown

  3. "Stay golden, Knights." -Unknown

  4. "Do it right. Be a Knight." -Unknown

  5. "Vegas strong." -Unknown

  1. "We're all misfits." -Unknown

  2. "Whatever happens, we'll always be golden." -Unknown

  3. "Gold forever." -Unknown

  4. "The Knights are the epitome of the warrior class." -Bill Foley

  5. "Welcome to impossible." -Unknown

  1. "Victory is ours." -Unknown

  2. "We're Vegas." -Unknown

  3. "We're a special breed." -Unknown

  4. "We're here for the cup." -Unknown

  5. "Knights are right." -Unknown