30 Badass Quotes From Netflix's 'Jessica Jones'

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Jessica Jones via Netflix

We'll miss this show!

Marvel at These 30 Badass Quotes From Jessica Jones

With the final season of Netflix's Jessica Jones set to air in just one week, all we've been thinking about is this superhero show.

We can't wait for the third season to showcase Jessica in a new light, but we're heartbroken it's ending. If we had our way, it would continue on for years and years to come.

Still, we'll never forget this show once it's officially over. Even if Netflix disappears from the world, too, at least we'll have these Jessica Jones quotes to remember the show forever and ever.

Best Jessica Jones Quotes

  • "I don't flirt, I just say what I want." -Jessica Jones

  • "Men and power, it's seriously a disease." -Trish Walker

  • "You are a hard-drinking, short-fused, mess of a woman, but you are not a piece of shit." -Luke Cage

  • "You use sarcasm to distance people." -Malcolm Ducasse

  • "She's either an idiot in love, or she's being conned. Which amount to pretty much the same thing." -Jessica Jones

  • "You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable." -Jessica Jones

  • "Everything changes. And nothing changes. People die. More are born. And in between... we exist. I never wanted to do more than that. Just exist. I've gone through life... untethered, unconnected... I wasn't even aware that I'd chosen that. It took someone coming back from the dead... to show me that I've been dead too. The problem is, I never really figured out how to live. I hate starting at the beginning." -Jessica Jones

  • "A beautiful funeral doesn't guarantee heaven." -Malcolm Ducasse

  • "Don't forget to smile." -Kilgrave

  • "I can control myself, which means I'm more powerful than you ever were." -Jessica Jones

Great Jessica Jones Quotes

  • "Knowing it's real means you gotta make a decision. One, keep denying it. Or two, do something about it." -Jessica Jones

  • "I can repress feelings all day." -Jessica Jones

  • "You're exactly the hero I wanted you to be." -Trish Walker

  • "You shoot at me, I'll pull the bullet out of my ruined jacket and shove it up your ass with my pinky finger, and who do you think that's gonna hurt more?" -Jessica Jones

  • "They say everyone's born a hero. But if you let it, life will push you over the line until you're the villain. Problem is, you don't always know that you've crossed that line. Maybe it's enough that the world thinks I'm a hero." -Jessica Jones

  • "Look, after a while, however long it takes, I know, I know you will feel what I feel." -Kilgrave

  • "Without the blues, you'll die!" -Will Simpson

  • "She'll never kill me. Despite her calloused, hard-bitten, and frankly poorly styled facade, despite her several problems she still hopes that, at her core, she might just be a hero. But only if she can save you. The ultimate innocent victim." -Kilgrave

  • "You have no idea, do you? I have to painstakingly choose every word I say. I once told a man to go screw himself. Can you even imagine? I didn't have this. A home, loving parents, a family." -Kilgrave

  • "I want everything to be my fault, good or bad. Means I have some control." -Claire Temple

Badass Jessica Jones Quotes

  • "The moral of my shitty story is, if your dead parent comes back to life, stick 'em back in the ground." -Jessica Jones

  • "With great power comes great mental illness." -Whizzer

  • "I'm life-threatening, Trish. Steer clear of me." -Jessica Jones

  • "My greatest weakness? Occasionally, I give a damn. And Kilgrave knows it. But now I know his." -Jessica Jones

  • "You're all alone, so you have to pick away at other people's happiness." -Robyn

  • "I can't change the past." -Jessica Jones

  • "I need a drink. You want a drink? I'm having a drink." -Jessica Jones

  • "So you take your goddamn pain and you live with it, assholes." -Jessica Jones

  • "You should be very afraid of the woman who has absolutely nothing left to lose." -Jeri Hogarth

  • "That's justice, and I'll fight like hell for it." -Trish Walker

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