10 Beauty Gifts to Treat Yourself to This Holiday Season

Shiseido Modern Matte Powder limited-edition lip set
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Treat yo self!

Pamper Yourself This Holiday Season With These Luxurious Beauty Gifts

We're often so focused on buying gifts for everyone on our holiday shopping list that we forget to treat ourselves.

We wanted to remind you to pick out a gift or two for yourself, because you deserve it. Go ahead and pamper yourself, because 2019 was a year, and not a very good one.

From Joico to Shiseido, we've rounded up the best beauty gifts you've been missing from your life.

Whip out your credit card and start shopping now!

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1. Joico Joifull Hair Goals Box Set

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Tame and treat your way to gorgeous hair with this Joico box set. Featuring their Joifull shampoo and conditioner, along with a Defy Damage Masque, your tresses will look amazing well past winter.

2. Shiseido ModernMatte Powder Lipstick Expressive Deluxe Mini Set

via Shiseido

Buy it from Shiseido here!

Who couldn't use a few more lipsticks in their life? For those of you who change your go-to shade daily, this mini set of Shiseido's ModernMatte Powder Lipsticks will be your new favorite kit. Lightweight and velvety, these hues glide on easily and stay put for hours on end.

3. BX Glow Daily Cleanser Refining Radiance

via Evelyn Lozada

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With everything our complexion endures in a day, it deserves to pampered accordingly. From the makeup to the weather, this pure cleanser will help bring out the natural luminosity and clarity of your skin in no time.

4. SH-RD Scalp Revival Kit

via SH-RD

Buy it from SH-RD here!

Not only does your hair need to be taken care of, so does your scalp. We often forget to give it the proper attention, so this SH-RD Scalp Revival Kit will come in handy and fix every scalp problem you have.

5. L.A.C Lip Kit - Honey Love Liquid Lipstick & Matching Lip Gloss

via Rival World

Buy it from Rival World here!

This soft nude lipstick looks great on every skin tone and works for every occasion. Made with a blend of antioxidants, along with nourishing olive oil and vitamin E, your lips will thank you for slathering this lipstick and gloss combo across them.

6. Mizz Bloom Luscious Body Butter

via Mizz Bloom

Buy it from Mizz Bloom here!

Scented like white chocolate, you'll want to lick yourself clean after lathering up with this luscious body butter. The best part is, you can! This body butter is 100 percent organic and USDA-approved, meaning it's safe to eat. How could you pass up on a treat like this?

7. Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife Life Makeup Set

via Sephora

Buy it from Sephora here!

Who doesn't want that trophy wife life? Thanks to Rihanna's Fenty Beauty, that dream can become a reality. Featuring highlighter, gloss, liquid eyeliner, and more, you'll be a golden goddess throughout the entirety of 2020. Your future looks bright.

8. Lyda Beauty Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp

via Lyda Beauty

Buy it from Lyda Beauty here!

Love the winged eyeliner look but have trouble achieving it without wanting to rip your hair out? The Lyda Beauty Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp is the answer to your prayers. This nifty invention allows you to get the perfect cat eye look every single time. We even tried it, and it absolutely works.

9. Thin Wild Mercury The Los Angeles Collection Fragrances

via Thin Wild Mercury

Buy it from Thin Wild Mercury here!

Our latest fragrance obsession comes from Thin Wild Mercury. The brand has created a line inspired by various eras and locations throughout Los Angeles that truly do transport you back in time.

10. Love Beauty and Planet Argan Oil & Lavender Soothing Spa Bath Bombs

via Ulta

Buy them from Ulta here!

There's nothing more relaxing after a stressful holiday season than soaking in a tub while notes of lavender fill the air. With these Love Beauty and Planet bath bombs, you'll be well on your way to de-stressing post-holidays.

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