15 Sultry Quotes From the Hulu Original Series 'Harlots'

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Oh, to be a harlot...

Your Inner Sex Goddess Will Be Released After Reading These Harlots Quotes

We recently discovered the Hulu original series Harlots and quickly became obsessed with the sultry show.

Currently in its third season, Harlots revolves around the lives of harlots in 18th century London. Apart from featuring plenty of, ahem, sex, it features powerful women fighting for what they deserve. It's inspiring in more ways than one.

In particular, we find ourselves reveling in the words uttered by every single character on the show. We basically rounded up the best Harlots quotes from memory, as they're that powerful.

Read through them all now!

Best Harlots Quotes

  • "How can I relinquish my freedom to a man who thinks I'm a pineapple?" -Charlotte

  • "I haven't had a decent fuck since I've been here." -Nancy

  • "I'm a widow and I suffer no man's guidance now." -Caroline

  • "Even in death, women suffer more." -Charlotte

  • "A woman's power is in her secrets. I've collected them like jewels and now they'll keep me safe." -Lydia

Sexy Harlots Quotes

  • "I'm the Duchess of Quim." -Emily

  • "The lieutenant would cherish a voyage on your peaks." -Margaret

  • "No money, no cunny." -Nell

  • "I've never known a harlot who seems to enjoy the act as much as the money." -Blayne

  • "I'm a harlot. I don't keep count." -Lucy

Famous Harlots Quotes

  • "If I broke free and spoke my heart, the sea would bubble, the sky would turn red, and London would tumble into dust." -Isabella

  • "It's not your power we're at the mercy of. It's your weakness." -Fanny

  • "Mock if you will. There is honor in righteous poverty." -Mrs. Scanwell

  • "I only have a few rules, girls. No orgies, flagellation, or bestiality. Otherwise you are at liberty to entertain gentleman callers as you wish." -May

  • "Charity comes from strange places." -Amelia

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