15 'Glow' Quotes That'll Inspire You to Take a Risk

Alison Bri as Ruth in Netflix's 'Glow'
Glow via Netflix

Get ready to glow after reading these quotes!

Get Ready to Take a Leap of Faith After Reading These Glow Quotes

Blessed be, Glow has returned for a third season on Netflix. We know what we'll be doing the rest of the weekend.

Since its first season, we've loved everything this show has brought us. From inspiring us to pursue even our weirdest of passions to encouraging us to be better friends, we're constantly reminded to live our best lives thanks to this series.

If you need a push in the right direction, read these inspiring quotes from Glow right now!

Best Glow Quotes

  • "Sometimes you have to trick yourself into having a good time. Just pretend you're having the best time in the world, and then maybe you will." -Ruth

  • "The devil gets all the best lines." -Sam

  • "Things don't just happen. People make choices. They want things, and then they go for them." -Debbie

  • "But then, I found wrestling... and it saved me. Coming to the gym every day, seeing... these women struggle... to use their bodies and... learn something new, and we did. And it's a better feeling than drugs. Crack, specifically." -Ruth

  • "You're smart. You're ambitious. Talented. But nobody sees that. All they see is the blonde knockout." -Sam

Inspiring Glow Quotes

  • "Usually, in this industry, it's every man for himself, and it's almost always a man telling you your ass is too fat at the same time he's trying to grope it. And having a woman in charge instead of that Sackballs guy? This is as good as it gets." -Ruth

  • "You let somebody in, you know? And then you make room. Then they go and yet… the room is still there." -Sam

  • "What I'm interested in are real parts. Not secretaries telling powerful men their wives are on line two." -Ruth

  • "Now, here you are. You're ripe. Fecund. A custodian of new life. You're a... you're a fertile harvest goddess. Now... pull your shoulders back, and, and strut like you own the ring." -Sam

  • "I've worn this, or some version of this, every day for the past five years. It's not a costume. Just me. And what I do in the morning... what I put on, what I wear, it's not for you. It's... it is for me." -Sheila

Motivational Glow Quotes

  • "Well, that's the problem. That's middle-of-the-road shit. It's safe. You see, me? I like to push the envelope. I like to jolt people into consciousness." -Sam

  • "I've been acting pretty much my whole life, and it's always just another audition, another meeting, another year of waiting for someone to give you permission to do the thing you wanna do. But finally I'm getting to do something, and it feels different, you know? I feel different. Strong. In control." -Ruth

  • "No, it shouldn't, and women should get to direct and not be washed up by the time they're 30, and I should have got to eat a piece of my own wedding cake without worrying about how many minutes of Jane fucking Fonda it was gonna take to work it off, but that is the way it is." -Debbie

  • "There's one ball you can't castrate, that's the mind." -Sam

  • "Try not give a fuck. There's a lot of power in that." -Sam

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