14 Holiday Gifts That Give Back to Charities

Williams Sonoma celebrity-designed spatulas for the charity No Kid Hungry
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'Tis the season of giving!

Sprinkle Some Charity Into Your Holidays With These 12 Gifts That Give Back

The holiday season is here, and so is the spirit of giving.

We're all ready to drain our bank accounts purchasing presents for our friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, pets, and more. While the gifting is great, your splurging streak can go a lot further when you buy a gift that gives back.

Knowing with products and brands give back does take quite a bit of research, so we went ahead and found the very best of the best for you.

From celebrity-designed spatulas that help provide meals for children affected by hunger to mugs that support conservation efforts around the world, you're sure to find a gift that gives back for everyone on your holiday shopping list this year!

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1. Charity Pot Body Lotion

via Lush

Buy it from Lush here!

This smooth, self-preserving lotion made with a cocoa butter base and infused with ylang ylang and rosewood oils will keep your skin moisturized even during the chilliest winters. Besides the taxes, 100 percent of the proceeds go to support grassroots organizations working in the areas of human rights, animal protection, and environmental justice. Talk about the perfect blend of looking good and feeling good.

2. Celebrity-Designed Spatulas

Photo Courtesy of Praytell Agency

Buy them from Williams Sonoma here!

From Guy Fieri and Ina Garten to Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump, a slew of celebrities have designed their own adorable spatulas for the non-profit No Kid Hungry in partnership with Williams Sonoma. Thirty percent of the retail price will be donated to the non-profit, providing meals for children affected by hunger.

3. Impeach Lipstick

via Lipslut

Buy it from Lipslut here!

Inspired by current events, this Impeach lipstick is a gorgeous peach hue that looks great on every skin tone. Though it's 100 percent against tyranny, 50 percent of earnings will go towards organizations working to support women and marginalized communities running for political office. No collusion here!

4. 100 Percent Human T-Shirt

via Everlane

Buy it from Everlane here!

We love Everlane more than our bank account can handle, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to share their 100 percent human T-shirt. For each tee sold, $5 will be donated towards the ACLU. How could you pass it up?

5. Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier

via Hey Dewy

Buy it from Hey Dewy here!

Your complexion will always be hydrated with this USB portable facial humidifier by your side. Apart from keeping your skin and hair perfect, 10 percent of sales will be donated to The Water Project, a non-profit that provides clean water and sanitation in sub-Saharan Africa.

6. The Future Is Female: Peppermint Blotting Linens

via Boscia

Buy it from Boscia here!

Everyone needs blotting linens, but so many people forget to purchase them. These make a great stocking stuffer or an easy gift for a coworker you're not that close with. As the first part of the product name implies, these oil absorbing sheets benefit The Future Is Female, which aims to inspire women everywhere.

7. Love Goodly Subscription Box

via Love Goodly

Buy it from Love Goodly here!

Focused on non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan beauty and skincare, Love Goodly is the perfect subscription box for any ethical beauty-lover out there. Apart from curating a bi-monthly box that is filled with products that are good for you and the environment, each box sold supports a different charity partner.

8. 'It's Ok Not to Be Ok' T-Shirt

via Hope for the Day

Buy it from Hope for the Day here!

Hope for the Day is one of our favorite non-profits dedicated to suicide prevention. Though outreach and mental health education, they work incredibly hard to break the stigma surrounding suicide and mental illness. With this T-shirt, 100 percent of the proceeds go to helping HFTD's suicide prevention and mental health education projects.

9. Protect the Earth Mugs

via UncommonGoods

Buy them from UncommonGoods here!

This planet is a mess right now. If world leaders don't do something soon, things are about to get real dire real fast. With these mugs, you can do your part in saving the planet. Five dollars from every purchase goes to the Open Space Institute, a non-profit that supports conservation efforts around the world.

10. Grounds & Hounds Three Blend Starter Kit

via Grounds & Hounds

Buy it from Grounds & Hounds here!

For the coffee-lover in your life, this three blend starter kit from Grounds & Hounds will sit quite nicely with them as a holiday gift. Grounds & Hounds reserves 20 percents of all their profits to fund rescue initiatives for dogs between homes.

11. Poptivist PopGrips

via Popsockets

Buy them from Popsockets here!

Popsockets has created their Poptivism initiative to aid a variety of causes. From the ASPCA to the Emergency Family Assistance Association, you can find a Popsocket that goes to a good cause for everyone on your list.

12. 'Protect Trans Kids' T-Shirt

via Alt Pronouns

Buy it from Alt Pronouns here!

Not only will this serve as a reminder to the world that trans kids need to be protected and valued, the person who wears it will also be reminded of the notion as well. Not to mention, 10 percent of the proceeds from this tee go to support The Trevor Project, a national organization focusing efforts on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.

13. Tip to Root Hair Reboot Kit

via Save Me From

Buy it from Save Me From here!

Each and every mask in this kit works in its own unique way to save your hair hair and scalp from the damage it's exposed to. From sun and sweat to aging, there's a mask that works for every type of hair. Apart from saving your hair, Save Me From donates 10 percent of their net income to organizations working towards suicide prevention.

14. Society Socks Subscription

via Society Socks

Buy it from Society Socks here!

If you already plan on giving everyone socks for Christmas, why not go the extra mile with this subscription service that donates a pair to charity for every pair sold? Your footwear purchases can go a long way.

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