Everything You Need to Know About Gac's Line of Drinks

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Drink up!

Gac's Entire Line of Drinks Are Here to Make You Beautiful and Well-Rested

Our love story with Gac began many moons ago when we were first introduced to the superfruit-filled drink at FounderMade's Consumer Discovery Show.

After our two-week trial with Gac, we were hooked on the beverage. Since then, their line has fully expanded and features a slew of new drinks that will drastically improve your life.

We may be a little dramatic (and biased) in saying that, so we'll let you decide for yourself. Get acquainted with Gac's line of drinks below to find the one that can best suit your needs.

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Gac Beauty

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Along with carotenoids and vitamins A & E, Gac Beauty features Coenzyme Q10, better known as "a beauty boosting antioxidant that vitalizes the body by supporting cellular energy production and defending cells from damaged caused by harmful free radicals." To sum that up, drinking Gac Beauty will make your skin look absolutely flawless. No need to find the fountain of youth when you have this drink by your side.

Gac Sport

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The phytonutrients in the Gac fruit provide protection for muscles and organs, along with reducing inflammation and improving stamina and performance. Plus, the natural electrolytes regulate muscle and nerve function. Forget protein shakes, opt for Gac Sport instead.

Gac Energy

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Who needs an energy drink when Gac Energy exists? Not you, that's who. Filled with ginseng, chun mee green tea, and guarana to decrease physical and mental fatigue and keep you energized all day long, "tired" will no longer be a word in your vocabulary.

Gac Cleanse

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Get off the juice cleanse and get on the Gac Cleanse. Along with gac fruit, Gac Cleanse contains nettle, dandelion, activated charcoal, and cranberry juice to remove all sorts of harmful toxins from your body.

Gac Hydrate

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Gac Hydrate comes in two delicious flavors, mango and passionfruit. Both work wonders to reverse damaging effects brought on by the environment. Whichever flavor you prefer, they'll keep you hydrated and your skin looking flawless.

Gac Sleep

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Have trouble sleeping at night? Not anymore, thanks to Gac Sleep. This can of goodness is filled to the brim with passionflower, chamomile, and magnesium to help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep.

Gac Relax

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Gac says relax! And that's easier than ever, thanks to the calming kava elixir of this delicious drink. You'll get all the nutrients from the gac superfruit, along with some natural stress relief provided by the kava roots.

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