7 First Date Over 50 Tips You NEED to Follow

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Going on Your First Date Over 50? Follows These Tips to Land a Second

First dates are truly terrifying. No matter how old you get, it doesn't get any easier to shake those nerves you get before meeting someone for drinks or dinner the first time.

You want to be on your very best behavior and put on a show that impresses your date, so you're sure to land a second. It doesn't always go as planned, especially depending on the chemistry between you and your date.

Still, we can help steer you in the right direction and start off on the best foot possible. Read through our tips for your fist date over 50 to know how to make the most of the situation.

You'll be sure to land a second date when you follow them. Or, at the very least, thoroughly enjoy yourself and be able to get back out there again if this date doesn't turn out as you hoped.

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1. Don't Take It Too Seriously

Many people compare a first date to an interview. We don't know about you, but that makes us more nervous and less likely to enjoy ourselves on the date. This is why our first tip is to not take it that seriously. It's just a date, after all. At the very least, just try to enjoy yourself.

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2. Be Yourself

One of the worst things you could do on a first date is try to be someone your not or someone your date wants. Just be yourself. Wouldn't it be awful if your date fell for this falsified version of you, only to realize you're not who you say you are? Yes, yes it would. So just be you. Sure, you can fluff yourself up a little bit, but don't exaggerate too much that you stray way too far from who you are.

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3. Keep It Casual

When it comes to where to go on a first date, choose something simple. Don't go too fancy or try hard to be impressive. Meeting at a bar or for coffee is just what you should do. And if you want to make sure you have an easy out, only allot the two of you a set amount of time together. If you're not feeling the date, you can note their time is up and that you have somewhere else to be.

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4. Talk About Yourself

While we're curious to know more about our date, this causes us to forget to tell them about ourselves. If they really do care, they'll be sure to ask. But sometimes they forget, because they're just as nervous. Don't be afraid to interject or speak off of something they mentioned. They want to get to know you, so let them.

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5. Ask the Important Questions

Yes, you can ask your date about their favorite color or what they do in their free time, but you should also ask them those very important relationship questions. From what they're looking for in a relationship to what happened with their last partnership, get to the good part. The sooner you know these things, but better you'll be able to make a judgement about your future with them.

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6. Don't Get Too Caught Up on the Past

As everyone else will note, what happened in the past was in the past. It doesn't concern your present nor your future. It's fine to bring it up and discuss for a bit, but don't talk about it the entirety of your first date. There are more important things to learn about your date than their entire romantic relationship history.

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7. Make Plans for a Second

If you really enjoyed spending time with your date and you can tell they feel the same, be sure you make plans for a second before the date is over. They don't have to be concrete plans, just something that'll set your next time together.

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