7 Eco-Friendly Sex Toys You Absolutely Can't Live Without

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Yes, sex toys can be environmentally-friendly.

These Eco-Friendly Sex Toys Will Make You Feel Better About Your Sex Life

Do you like having sex? Do you also enjoy doing all you can to save the environment?

Good, you've come to the right place.

Apart from ditching plastic straws and opting for reusable products, one fun way to help the planet is use eco-friendly sex toys. Yes, they do indeed exist. Chances are you might already own some; if you don't, we've rounded some up for you to choose from.

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Solar-Powered Bullet Vibrator

via Babeland

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There's nothing sexier than using a solar-powered vibrator to get yourself off. Why waste energy when you can harness the power from the sun to fund your self-pleasure time? Eight hours of exposure provides one hour of fun.

Life+ Vibrator

via Leaf Vibes

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Leaf Vibes has won numerous awards for their eco-friendly sex toys. The Life+ Vibrator is a favorite among many for its three unique speeds and two powerful pattern functions.

Blue Crystal Delight Butt Plug

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Using a glass sex toy may scare some of you, but these are expertly crafted not to shatter when in use. And because they're glass, they're entirely eco-friendly.

Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant

via Good Clean Love

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Vegan, gluten-free, and the first carbon neutral personal lubricant, the Almost Naked Organic lube from Good Clean Love is what eco-friendly sex enthusiasts have been dreaming of. If you don't already own it, you better buy a case of it now. Trust us, you want want to use any other lube after you try this one.

Beginner Ball Gag by Tantus

via As You Like It

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If you're a little bit kinkier in the bedroom (or looking to get there), then this ball gag is just what you need. Designed to fit more comfortably in the mouth, you'll feel safer testing out this gag than any other.

Need something a little more advanced? As You Like It features a ton of different products that are all eco-conscious, green, gender-inclusive, and non-toxic. You're sure to find a product you'll use for years to come.

Form 2 Rechargeable Clit Vibrator

via Jimmyjane

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Jimmyjane is another company that does their best to provide products that are more eco-friendly than the rest. Their Form 2 Rechargeable Clit Vibrator is one of their best-selling products for many reasons. It's compact, flexible, and safe to use on any part of your body. Get on with your bad self.

Glyde Condoms

via Glyde

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Not necessarily a sex toy, but a necessity in the bedroom, these condoms from Glyde are the only ones certified ethical and vegan by the Vegan Society. How about trying them on for size?

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