Doctor D's Is the Probiotic Drink Rivaling Kombucha

Doctor D's Berry Lavender drink
Photo Courtesy of Doctor D's

It's full of probiotics, but tastes even better.

Here's Why Fans of Kombucha Should Opt for Doctor D's Drinks Instead

Any health nut knows that kombucha offers a wide variety of health benefits. But what if we told you there was another probiotic-filled drink that could do the same and tastes even better?

It's true, this beverage does exist and it's called Doctor D's.

Created by a husband a wife, this line of probiotic drinks is taking the health world by storm and could very well bring an end to the kombucha kraze.

We sat down with Doctor D's co-founder Susan MacLachlan to learn more about the history of the beverage, what makes it so beneficial, and more. Read on to see what she had to say!

Photo Courtesy of Doctor D's What was the inspiration behind Doctor D's?

Susan MacLachlan: Doctor D's Sparkling Probiotic began in 2014 when my husband, Stuart Dimson, and I created the drink at home for our digestive and gut health. We knew that probiotics are amazing microorganisms that naturally exist in the body and are essential for our overall health. Our kids loved the drinks so much that we could barely get any for ourselves. Stuart then started making it for his acupuncture clients, and everyone came back wanting more. As live probiotics became more popular, we decided to use water kefir, because it's a potent, non-dairy probiotic and is also the tastiest way to get them into your diet. After a year of development and many late nights in our organic food kitchen, we decided to start our own probiotic drink company to share with the world. We were soon joined by our third partner, Jim, a master brewer and our neighbor in our co-housing neighborhood. Our mission has been to create a tasty probiotic drink for everyone because we shouldn't have to choose between something healthy or something delicious.

WDC: How does it compare and contrast to kombucha?

SM: Water kefir has a much broader spectrum of lactobacillus probiotics, so it's more of a probiotic supplement. Kombucha has more acidic and yeast probiotics, so it's more of digestive aid. Not all probiotics are created equal or have the same function; just because a product says it has probiotics, it does not necessarily make it the kind of probiotics that supplements have. Our unique fermentation process creates a refreshing, smooth kefir that utilizes different types of strains that work powerfully as a team. Doctor D's also has a more pleasant, mild flavor, contrasting with the vinegary taste of kombucha. We often hear that Doctor D's has changed people's lives for the better who have digestive issues, because it is low in acidity but high in probiotics.

WDC: Why should people opt for Doctor D's over kombucha or any other drink like it?

SM: Doctor D's is the best drink option if you are looking to add live probiotics of the lactobacillus probiotic variety. Our kefirs contain only the highest quality organic juices and ingredients. Doctor D's is organic and low in calories and sugar. It is also caffeine free, and packed with electrolytes, amino acids, beneficial enzymes, and vitamins.

WDC: How do you hope people feel after drinking a bottle of Doctor D's?

SM: We hope all people love it and feel both healthy and deliciously satisfied because of its great, refreshing taste, and all the goodness it contains.

WDC: Do you have a favorite flavor?

SM: Doctor D's comes in six tasty flavors including Tart Cherry, Crisp Apple, Lively Lemon, Ginger Lemon, Mandarin Orange, and Concord Grape. My favorite is our Tart Cherry. It gives you a blast of invigorating tart cherry fruitiness along with all the goodness of live fermented kefir, and it tastes absolutely fresh. We have some awesome new flavors that we will be launching in the coming months: Hibiscus Cooler, Berry Lavender, and Lime Mint Mojito.

WDC: Are there any foods that pair best with each of the flavors?

SM: Crisp Apple is excellent with the Beyond Burger (or burger of your choice) and kale salad with dried cranberries. My favorite Tart Cherry pairing is drinking it while pairing it with grilled salmon and grilled asparagus. The Mandarin Orange is a great marinade for chicken and vegetables, and is a great afternoon pick-me-up on its own, too. The Concord Grape is terrific with a stir fry made with your favorite protein; it is also is a great hangover cure.

WDC: What's the biggest misconception about Doctor D's?

SM: People can't believe that a drink that tastes so good is actually a great probiotic supplement. People often ask, 'Is Doctor D's as good as kombucha, as far as probiotics?' The truth is, Doctor D's beverages produce a wider spectrum of probiotics than the leading kombucha.

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