Everything You Can Expect From Do LaB at Coachella 2019

DJ duo performing at Do LaB at Coachella
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"There are more surprise artists than ever before."

Fans Can 'Expect the Unexpected' at Do LaB During Coachella 2019

Did you even go to Coachella if you didn't experience all the Do LaB stage has to offer? No, no you did not.

Any avid festivalgoer knows that Do LaB is one of the major highlights of the Indio-based music festival. Like one's bedroom, Do LaB is where the magic happens. It's where you're allowed to let loose and dance off anything that has been holding you back or bringing you down.

With Weekend 1 of Coachella right around the corner, we were curious to know what Do LaB would bring to the Empire Polo Club grounds this year.

We chatted with Rebecca Pisicoli (Human Resources Director), Megan Young (Assistant Music Director), and Dede Flemming (CFO) from Do LaB to hear more about what we can expect from Coachella 2019, why they enjoy being a part of Do LaB, and more!

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Women.com: What does being a part of Do LaB mean to you?

Rebecca Pisicoli: It means being part of making the seemingly impossible, possible. It means being part of building a company who truly looks and builds a community based on raw talent, drive, and passion.

Megan Young: There is nothing stagnant about being part of Do LaB. We are constantly pushing the edges of design and experience, as well as our own personal edges. The company has evolved along with the changes and growth in our own lives. It feels more like a living entity than a fixed structure and with that comes all of the beautiful challenges of life as we learn how to thrive together as a group.

Dede Flemming: Being apart of the Do LaB is kind of like being apart of a huge family of creative, like-minded people that have an unreal drive and willingness to go the extra mile, through thick and thin, to bring some joy to the world. What we do is hard and pushes everyone to their breaking point somewhere along the way. The pride I get, and I think we all get, when you see people having "transformational moments" because of what we all created is the real reason why we all do it.

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WDC: What's been your proudest accomplishment?

RP: There isn't one particular proud accomplishment, there are so many moving parts and so many intricacies that involve so many of us. Being part of the movement, the direction, the team, and once it all comes together and you stand back and take it all in, you feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment in being a part of the magic.

MY: I'm proud to be part of a company with such fierce tenacity and resilience. We face near impossible challenges and yet we never give up; we keep our heads up and keep Do-ing the work it takes to turn things around and succeed.

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WDC: What's the biggest misconception about Do LaB?

RP: I would say the biggest misconception is the Flemming Brothers don't play an active part in the company as they have in the past. I couldn't think of anything further from the truth. The truth is, each one plays such an integral part and gives every ounce of their being, energy, time, sweat, tears to create, build, and bring to life the captivating soul of Do LaB.

MY: Sometimes people think that we only do EDM or electronic music artists, but our lineups are actually very diverse. On our Coachella stage, we focus on DJs and electronic live acts. At Lightning in a Bottle, we have everything from ambient sound baths to nine piece live bands and everything in between.

DF: I think some people think we're corporate or owned by some bigger company. We're an independent company of three brothers and an amazing creative team of people busting our asses and taking huge risks to build amazing environments and put on super creative and inspiring festivals.

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WDC: What can people expect from Do LaB at Coachella 2019?

RP: Expect the unexpected; expect to be mesmerized and captivated by the Do LaB stage, artists, and performers.

Josh Flemming: This is our biggest stage ever and is going to highlight amazing technology-driven architecture. At night it will come alive!

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WDC: How will it be different from years past?

RP: We will definitely have a much larger and much more impactful thumbprint than we have from years past.

MY: We receive hundreds, if not thousands, of submissions from agencies, managers, and artists around the world who want to play on our stage, so there is no shortage of music to select from. But we prefer to reach out to the artists that we are currently listening to on repeat first to see if they are interested in coming to play with us. Sometimes we get lucky! I'm excited for Emmit Fenn's set on Weekend 1 and for A Hundred Drums on Weekend 2. Plus, there are more surprise artists than ever before.

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WDC: What do you hope people take away from experiencing Do LaB at Coachella?

RP: Being inspired, wanting to inspire, wanting more experiences, more structures, more Do LaB.

MY: I hope that people come to our stage and fall in love with the music, the vibe, and in the beauty of our stage. In such a fast-paced culture, getting lost in a moment of time is such a precious gift. Turn off your phone, stop thinking about what is coming next, and just dance.

DF: We hope people are rocked by the art, creativity, and music and want to come right to LIB and do it again on a larger scale.

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About Lighting in a Bottle Festival

If you have the time of your life at Do LaB and want even more, attending Lighting in a Bottle is exactly what you should do. Featuring forward-thinking live and electronic music with other-worldly art installation, there are no shortages of ways to simultaneously lose and find yourself at LIB.

Among the festival's many exciting events, our favorite by far is their full lake for swimming and aquatic art. You won't exactly find something like that at any other music festival you attend.

LIB runs from May 8 through May 13 at Buena Vista Lake in Kern County, CA. You can find more information on the festival here.

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