5 Dating Over 50 Rules You Should Never Follow

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You don't need to wait until the second date to kiss them!

If You're Over 50 and Dating, You Should NEVER Follow These 5 Rules

There is an abundance of rules we all are meant to follow.

Don't eat ice cream for breakfast. Brush your teeth twice a day. Don't wash your hair too often. Always be on time. And so on and so on and so on.

While we don't necessarily condone breaking the rules, there are some rules that don't need to be followed. You do have to know the rules before you can break them though.

We especially feel this way when it comes to dating. People tend to enforce a strict set of guidelines on what you should and shouldn't do when dating over 50, often forgetting that everyone experiences relationships differently. No two romance stories are ever alike, so why should we all be following the same set of rules? Exactly, we shouldn't.

If you're dating over 50 and looking for some guidance, we've got you covered. Rather than tell you the rules you should follow, we're offering five dating rules those over 50 should never adhere to.

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Rule No. 1: Don't Kiss on the First Date

How many times have we all been told to never kiss on the first date? It happens all the time, but why? Why can't we kiss on the first date, especially if we're really feeling someone? While there are good arguments for waiting, such as letting the other person know you're more serious about the relationship, there are also plenty of reasons you should pucker up and smooch 'em when you want (so long as it's consensual, of course). Really, it's all up to you when you're dating over 50 and trying to decide when to kiss. If you can wait until the second or third date, do it. If the sparks are really flying, let them and plant one on your date when the mood is right. There really is no right or wrong here.

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Rule No. 2: Don't Sleep With Them on the First Date

Similar to not kissing someone on the first date, is it really such a sin to sleep with someone after your first encounter? We don't think so at all. Again, if you want to wait, wait. If you're eager to jump in the sack with your new suitor, then do so. Consent is really what's most important here, so be sure that is explicitly given before anything happens. And, as always, be sure to practice safe sex. Even after 50, you still run the risk of contracting STDs and STIs.

Rule No. 3: Bond Over Your Baggage

We strongly, strongly advise against doing this. While it's so easy to bond over your baggage, it really doesn't set your relationship up for any sort of success. We'll say that any relationship we began by connecting over our traumatic experiences didn't end all that well. It was a great therapy session, but we quickly realized it wasn't the strongest foundation for any sort of relationship. You can definitely discuss your baggage, but wait until after the first few dates to do so. Believe us, it'll help more than you know.

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Rule No. 4: Don't Ask What They Want in a Relationship

Always ask what someone is looking for in a relationship as early on as the first date. You deserve to know what they want to see if it aligns with what you want. Because, let us tell you, there's nothing more upsetting than seeing someone for a few months, only for them to admit it wasn't exclusive and they don't really want to be in a relationship... with you. Look at us brining up baggage. At least we're not on a date. Once you escape the small talk, ask them point-blank what they want in a relationship, because they might simply be looking for a fling or their next ex-wife. Know this before you get too deep in your partnership.

Rule No. 5: You Should Only Date Someone Who Wants to Be in a Serious Relationship

Now, where's the fun in that? If you want to be with someone simply because it's fun, that's totally fine. Not every relationship needs to be a serious commitment, as many aren't looking for that. Again, the important part is to make sure you're on the same page. As much as it's tough to ask these sorts of questions, it's so much better to know up-front. When you're over the age of 50, this is much easier to do than if you were in your 20s or 30s.

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