10 Best Succulent Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

Group of succulents sitting in a box ready to be shipped
Leaf & Clay via Instagram

Everyone will be green with envy over your feed!

Fill Your Feed With Plants by Following These Succulent Instagram Accounts

Succulents are everywhere these days.

We're by no means complaining, because we've given into the obsession, just like the rest of the world. We own plenty of plant babies.

They're lining every walkway in our home and sitting pretty on our desks at work. Still, we can't get enough of them. As Ariel said, we want more.

Because taking care of succulents requires more time and effort than we have, we found the easiest way to get our succulent fix is by following succulent accounts on Instagram. That way we see enough plants to fill our hearts with joy, but we don't actually have to care for them. Though in our heads, we're convinced double tapping their photo is helping them stay alive.

Scroll below to check out 10 succulent Instagram accounts you need to follow, if you aren't already.

1. Succulent Studios

Run by second-generation growers of succulents and cacti, Succulent Studios proves they're passionate about plants with everything they post. Apart from an enviable Instagram profile, they offer a subscription service where you can get two plants a month for $10. How could you turn that down?

2. Succulent City

Succulent City boasts one of the largest cacti and succulent communities on the internet. Their posts are stunning to look at and will also teach you a few tips and tricks on how to properly care for your plant friends.

3. Pinkzonk

Pinkzonk's profile is filled to the brim with striking succulent bouquets you won't find on any other Instagram profile. We wish we were as crafty as this succulent connoisseur.

4. Leaf & Clay

Succulents are already beautiful on their own, but the photos Leaf & Clay posts make them look all the more striking. You'll want so many more after seeing their photos on your feed. Leaf & Clay also offers a subscription service for succulents, which you should absolutely check out.

5. Succulent Inc.

Apart from their incredible feed of (you guessed it) succulents, Succulent Inc. will identify your succulents for you. So if you're not sure which type of succulent you own, DM them and they'll get to the bottom of it. Their website even features all sorts of products that'll make caring for your succulent easier than ever.

6. Succulent Obsession

For those who are seriously succulent obsessed, your feed is missing out if it's not filled with posts from Succulent Obsession. It's all the inspiration you need.

7. Succulent Wonderland

Succulent Wonderland is exactly what you'd expect, a succulent wonderland. See one you like? You can order some of your own handmade and locally grown floral art from the artist.

8. World of Succulents

Noted as the "prime destination for succulent lovers," World of Succulents really does have it all. Your desire for succulents will only grow as you scroll past their posts.

9. Succulent Gardens

Following Succulent Gardens is a bit of a dangerous game, only because you'll want to purchase every little plant from their garden they share on their feed.

10. Juicy Creations

Juicy Creations creates some adorable succulent centerpieces in Irvine, California. If you're in the market for some, this is your girl.

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