Best Foreplay Tips for Couples Who've Tried It All

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Foreplay is incredibly important!

Best Foreplay Tips for Longtime Couples Looking to Reignite the Spark

Has sex become another chore in your life? Have you almost started to resent the idea of doing it with your partner? Don't feel bad, it happens in many relationships.

Luckily, if you really love your partner, saving your sex life won't be that difficult. All you need is to up your foreplay game.

Chances are, you're having sex to have sex. You're not enjoying it, because you'd much rather be sleeping, eating, or doing anything else. Again, don't feel bad, we get it.

To get your sex life back to what it used to be, follow the best foreplay tips below!

Start Outside the Bedroom

One of the reasons many longtime couples are no longer excited by the thought of getting down with their partner is because they stick to the four walls of their bedroom. Rather than starting your foreplay session in the bed, start it somewhere else, somewhere new. Whether that be the shower or the couch, start your foreplay session anywhere but the bedroom. You'll already feel a bit of an adrenaline rush when you do so.

Talk About What You Want to Do to One Another

Rather than getting right into the act, talk about what you want to do with one another. Don't be afraid to get really dirty. It might sound weird and awkward, but learn to relish in those feelings. Rather than pulling back, say anything and everything that comes to mind. It'll get your heart racing hearing all the things you and your partner want to do to each other.

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Make Out... a Lot

Making out is one of the greatest parts of foreplay, so do a lot of it. Before you even tear off each other's clothes, just keep making out until you can't do it anymore. Don't just make out to make out though, do it with passion. Kiss in ways you've never been kissed and venture out of your comfort zone. We'll say that phrase many times, so get used to it.

Watch a Movie

You're probably thinking about porn right now with that suggestion, which is totally fine. If you and your partner are comfortable watching porn together, then try it. But if you're not quite there, there are plenty of movies that'll put you in the mood. You're one lustful sex scene away from ripping your partner's clothes off and doing them wherever you're positioned.

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Play Games

Roll some sex dice or play a sexy game of truth or dare. Even just toying with each other's heads about what you want to do to one another will be enough to send you and your partner over the edge. Again, the best part about sex really is the foreplay. If you do this part right, you'll have the best sex of your life.

Use Toys

Rather than using your bodies, invite toys into the bedroom. From vibrators to cock rings, the possibilities are endless. Using them on each other will make you want your partner even more. And it could also be a good time to get adventurous. If you want to try some light BDSM, go for it. Just make sure you and your partner are both comfortable with going there.

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Pretend Your Strangers

One of the hottest ways to woo your longtime partner is to pretend the two of you don't know each other. Go to a bar and do your best to impress your partner and get them to go home with you. Or even role play this scenario at home. Once they've officially grabbed your attention, go at it like bunnies.

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