15 Best Belgium Instagram Captions for Your Travel Photos

belgium, Flowers along a canal in the old town of Ghent
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"Naturally, I came for the waffles."

Best Belgium Instagram Captions

From their chocolate to their waffles, there are plenty of sweet things about Belgium. But the country in Western Europe has so much more to offer than just that.

When you visit, we're sure you'll snap all the photos of their stunning scenery and delicious dishes. Before you share those pics on Instagram, scroll through our list of best Belgium Instagram captions below!

Funny Captions When in Belgium

•"Naturally, I came for the waffles." -Unknown

•"Brussels: Not a sprout in sight." -Unknown

•"Not at all disappointed by the lack of Brussels sprouts here." -Unknown

•"Nothing is sweeter than their chocolate." -Unknown

•"I don't feel hungry when I'm here; I feel absolutely Flemished." -Unknown

Belgium Instagram Captions

•"When in Belgium..." -Unknown

•"I think I ate too many waffles." -Unknown

•"I've become a chocoholic during this visit." -Unknown

•"Belgium is a safe country." -Charles Michel

•"There is beauty in all of Belgium." -Unknown

Cute Belgium Captions for Instagram

•"If it weren't for half its population, Belgium would have an un-Flemished reputation." -Unknown

•"I love Belgium." -Unknown

•"You can't make me leave." -Unknown

•"La Brabançonne!" -Belgian National Anthem

•"He who does not wish for little things does not deserve big things." -Belgian Proverb

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