Quiz: How Dateable Are You?

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Some of us aren't as dateable as we'd like to think...

Being single, you may feel like you're totally undateable. But are you really? Take our quiz know to discover how dateable you actually are!

 Jul 25, 2018
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What do you look for in an S.O.?
Someone super romantic
Someone who will be my side 24/7
Ultimately, a best friend
Someone I feel comfortable being myself around
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How quickly do you get attached?
I fall hard and fast
It takes some time
It depends on the person
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What's your biggest relationship pet peeve?
Independent people
Needy people
Passive-aggressive people
Untrustworthy people
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How do you act in a relationship?
Somewhat clingy
The same as I act out of one
Like a total hopeless romantic
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Why did your last relationship end?
It wasn't all that serious
I lost interest and let them go
We weren't on the same page
I haven't been in a relationship yet
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What do you need to do more of in your relationships?
Be there for my partner no matter what
Stop taking my partner for granted
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Does commitment scare you?
Not at all
A little bit, but it's not that bad
Way more than it should
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Are you a fairly trusting person?
Pretty much
Not really
9 of 10Choose Your Answer:
Do you have problems communicating your wants and needs?
It varies from day to day
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Do you have trouble defining your relationships?
Nope, I do that as soon as I can
Far too often
It's hit or miss
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Whether you're single or in a relationship, your status doesn't truly determine how dateable you actually or, nor should you let it. You may be seeing someone, but you might not be as dateable as you'd like to think. And you could be as single as a Pringle, but you could easily be the most dateable person on the planet. So how do you know how dateable you actually are? You take our quiz right now to find out!