Quiz: Do I Love Myself?


Do you REALLY love yourself?

Wondering if you love yourself as much as you think you do? Take this quiz to discover if your self-love is at all-time high, or if it's declining!

 Apr 23, 2018

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Do you often talk down to yourself?
Every single day
Very rarely

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How often do you spend getting ready?
More than half an hour
Less than 5 minutes
15 minutes

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What goes through your head when you catch your reflection in the mirror?
I notice how good I look
I usually get upset with my appearance
It depends on the day

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Do you think you're smarter than most people?
I think I'm dumber than everyone I meet
Eh, I'm somewhere in the middle of the intelligence spectrum

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Do you ever pamper yourself?

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When was the last time you got upset with yourself
I can't remember
A few moments ago
Sometime last week

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Do you ever seek approval from others?
Not too often, but sometimes
All the time

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How comfortable are you sharing your opinions, even if you know not everyone will agree?
Somewhat comfortable
Not comfortable
Totally comfortable

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Do you tend to put everyone else's needs above your own?
I put my needs first
It's pretty balanced

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Do you think you love yourself?
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Questioning whether or not you love yourself? We've all been there. In this day and age, it's easy to get down on yourself and compare yourself to others. But taking this quiz right now will help you determine if you actually love yourself, or where you could improve!