Quiz: Is Your Boyfriend Your Perfect Partner?

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Are they really the one for you?

Questioning if you've found your perfect partner in the person you're currently seeing? Take this quiz to know for sure if they're the one for you!

 Apr 17, 2018

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What attracted you to your boyfriend?
His looks
His sense of humor
His ambition

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How often do you and your boyfriend hang out?
Every single second of the day
Whenever we can, because our schedules are packed
Rarely ever, if at all

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What do you like to do with your boyfriend?
Watch Netflix
Do things that we both find interesting
Anything and everything

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What's the most romantic thing he's ever done for you?
He's always honest with me
Brought me soup when I was feeling sick

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Has he told you he loves you?
Yes, every single day
Not yet, but I think it'll happen soon

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Does he know when your birthday is?
Yes, but only because I have to remind him constantly
I'm not sure

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Does he act differently when you two hang out with his friends?
A little bit, but it's nothing I'm concerned about
No, he's pretty much the same person
It's like night and day

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Have you talked about your future together?
Here and there
He prefers not to
Fairly often

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How did you two meet?
On a dating app
We've known each other for years
Through friends

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Did you connect instantly?
There were sparks right away
It took a little while
I was more into him than he was into me

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Is that connection still there?
It got stronger and has stayed the same ever since
It definitely faded
It gets stronger and stronger each day

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How do your friends and family feel about him?
They adore him
They have mixed feelings
They haven't met him yet

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Do you like a lot of the same things?
We like all of the same things
No, but it keeps the relationship interesting
We like some of the same things

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What do you usually talk about?
Literally the weirdest things
How our days went
Our conversations are pretty casual and light

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How does he make you feel when you're around him?
Calm and secure
All sorts of hot and bothered
Kind of nervous and insecure

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Do you both want the same things out of this relationship?
We're sort of just going with the flow
I don't think so
Yep, we're definitely on the same page

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What do you wish you could ask him right now?
Why are you so hot and cold?
Do you think we have a shot?
What should I pick up for dinner?

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Do you wish you could change anything about him?
A few minor things, but nothing major
He's perfect the way he is, flaws and all
I'd change everything

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If someone who wasn't your boyfriend confessed their feelings for you, what would you do?
Tell them I have a boyfriend
Dump my boyfriend for them
Hear them out

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Do you think your boyfriend is your perfect match?
No, but I was hoping you could tell me otherwise
Definitely not, but we're having fun
Without a doubt
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We all like to think the person we're with is the one we'll be with for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. If you're questioning whether or not your boyfriend is your perfect partner, take this quiz to find out if they are.

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