Quiz: Which 'Bachelorette' Season 14 Contestant Should You Date?

Becca Kufrin meeting The Bachelorette season 14 contestant Darius Feaster on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose
The Bachelor: After the Final Rose via ABC

Who will win your final rose?

Wondering which contestant from season 14 of The Bachelorette would be your perfect match? Take this quiz to find out who you should date now!

 May 21, 2018
1 of 10Choose Your Answer:
Who's your favorite bachelor?
Jake Pavelka
Sean Lowe
Nick Viall
2 of 10Choose Your Answer:
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes, but it hasn't happened to me yet
Not at all
3 of 10Choose Your Answer:
What's the most important quality your S.O. must possess?
4 of 10Choose Your Answer:
How many serious relationships have you been in?
1 - 2
5 of 10Choose Your Answer:
Would you ever participate on 'The Bachelor'?
I'll pass
I'd love to
Maybe, but not in the near future
6 of 10Choose Your Answer:
Who's your celebrity crush?
Ryan Gosling
Chris Pratt
Idris Elba
7 of 10Choose Your Answer:
What's your biggest turnoff?
Being bad with finances
Being a little too independent
Being too into their appearance
8 of 10Choose Your Answer:
What romantic gesture would make your heart melt?
My S.O. making me dinner
My S.O. buying me an expensive gift
My S.O. just listening to me vent about anything and everything
9 of 10Choose Your Answer:
Do you care if your friends or family members like your S.O.?
Their opinion is super important
A little bit, but I wouldn't dump them if they didn't
10 of 10Choose Your Answer:
Instead of roses, which flowers would you give to the contestants?
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The Bachelorette season 14 airs in just one week. We cannot wait to see our favorite from last year, Becca Kufrin, find the man of her dreams on this season. There are a few we have our eyes on, but which one would be perfect for you? While you may not be competing for their affection, you can still take this quiz to discover which contestant you should date. Who knows, if they don't end up winning Becca's heart, maybe they can win yours?