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adele webber grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
 Mar 24, 2019
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Question: 1/21What's happened to Derek in this scene?

derek shepherd in plane crash grey's anatomy season 8
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
He got attacked by a bear.
His plane crashed.
He drove his car into a ditch.

Question: 2/21What's happening here?

cristina saying goodbye to meredith in her taxi grey's anatomy season 10
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Cristina is going to D.C. to bring Derek back to Meredith.
Cristina is going on a vacation with Owen.
Cristina is leaving Seattle for Switzerland.

Question: 3/21Why is Izzie lying on the ground?

izzie stevens laying on the ground in grey's anatomy looking sad crying
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
She's upset Alex won't marry her.
She finds out George is dead.
She's upset Denny died and she must leave the program.

Question: 4/21What's happening here?

quiz, Meredith Grey and Derek shephed smiling in front of brain scans season 5
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Meredith is telling Derek she's pregnant.
Derek is proposing to Meredith in the elevator.
Meredith and Derek are working on their first patient together.

Question: 5/21Where does this scene take place?

grey's anatomy season 6, izzie alex and cristina laughing at george's funeral
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Cristina's Harper Avery nomination ceremony.
George's funeral.
Izzie and Alex's wedding.

Question: 6/21What's happening in this scene?

entertainment, tv, abc, grey's anatomy, ranking, wdc-rank
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Owen and Cristina are getting married.
Owen and Cristina are attending a wedding.
Owen and Cristina are accepting an award.

Question: 7/21What's happening here?

grey's anatomy season 9, callie and bailey holding a flashlight in the dark at the hospital looking shocked
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
There's a shooter in the hospital.
A patient shut all the lights off.
The Super Storm caused the hospital's power to go out.

Question: 8/21What are Jackson and April doing in this scene?

entertainment, tv, abc, grey's anatomy, ranking, wdc-rank
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Running away together from April's wedding to Matthew.
Quitting their jobs and running away together.
Going to visit Jackson's mother at the hospital.

Question: 9/21What happened to Adele's wrist here?

movies/tv, entertainment, abc, grey's anatomy, ranking, wdc-rank
Grey's Anatomy on ABC
She punched another resident at her nursing home.
She fell and broke it.
She got bit by a dog.

Question: 10/21What's going on in this scene?

movies/tv, entertainment, abc, grey's anatomy, wdc-rank
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Meredith is introducing Derek to her sister.
Derek's wife shows up unannounced.
Meredith finds out Derek cheated on her with a nurse.

Question: 11/21Why is Meredith hugging Cristina?

cristina yang in wedding dress meredith hugging her crying
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Meredith finds out Cristina quit the program.
Burke left Cristina.
Cristina finds out she's pregnant.

Question: 12/21Why is Derek in a hospital bed?

derek shepherd death with meredith grey season 11 grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
His ferry boat got into an accident.
He collapsed during a surgery.
He was involved in a car accident.

Question: 13/21What’s wrong with the patient in this scene?

pregnant man on grey's with izzie meredith and cristina around table
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
He’s a pregnant man.
He has a tumor on his stomach.
He has an inflamed colon.

Question: 14/21What happens in this scene?

maggie jackson, jo alex, teddy owen amelia, ben bailey, deluca meredith link, krista vernoff, grey's anatomy season 15 couple spoilers
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Drunk Andrew kisses Meredith.
Meredith asks Andrew to watch the kids for the weekend.
Meredith tells Andrew she’s leaving Seattle.

Question: 15/21What’s the name of the patient Meredith is treating here?

Grey's Anatomy season 15, Meredith Grey listening on stethoscope to Cece in hospital bed
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Question: 16/21What’s going on in this scene?

grey's anatomy, Meredith Grey drowning in water
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Meredith is swimming across the sound.
Meredith is drowning.
Meredith is saving Derek from drowning.

Question: 17/21What’s Alex demanding of Richard in this scene?

Grey's Anatomy 092518, Richard Webber and Alex Karev holding scrub masks to faces
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
To deliver Meredith’s baby.
To get out of the OR.
To open his patient back up.

Question: 18/21Why is Meredith in pain here?

Alex Karev comforting Meredith after she was attacked Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
She was attacked by a patient.
She’s in labor.
She just had a heart transplant.

Question: 19/21How did Stephanie get injured here?

stephanie edwards in hospital bed after fire
Grey's Anatomy on ABC
She fell down a mountain while hiking.
She suffered burns in a fire.
She was shot in the head.

Question: 20/21Why is Richard on the ground in this scene?

richard webber electrocuted
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
He was shot in the hospital shooting
He was electrocuted.
He collapsed from dehydration

Question: 21/21What’s happening in this scene?

movies/tv, entertainment, abc, grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
The doctors are attempting to give a blind patient sight.
The doctors are separating conjoined twins.
The doctors are removing a bomb from a patient. | Quiz Facts

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