Your Celebrity Soul Sister Based On Your Sign

Can you really have a celebrity best friend before knowing if your zodiac signs are compatible?

1. Aries

Angelina Jolie is your celebrity soul sister! As an Aries, you are determined, confident, and passionate in everything that you do. Your strong enthusiasm is most noticeable toward a partner, a hobby, or a career. Angelina's passion for what she loves is the greatest bond you two would share. As a Gemini, her gentle and affectionate side would help to balance out your enthusiasm which might come off a little too strong at times. You two would enjoy one of Angelina's strange hobbies-- people watching, while relaxing by the pool or grabbing a drink!

2. Taurus

Margot Robbie is your celebrity soul sister! They say patience is a virtue, and it's also one of your greatest qualities. No matter how demanding a situation may be, you pride yourself on your ability to stay calm and keep a clear mind. As a Cancer, Margot tends to be very emotionally involved in almost all aspects of life, so your open mind would be able to help steer her through her tunnel vision. On the other hand, Margot's skills with persuasion might help break you out of the stubborn spell you often find yourself in.

3. Gemini

JLo is your celebrity soul sister! There is no doubt that Gemini's are often the most difficult sign to read, due to the duality of their nature. You find that your gentleness and curiosity are your greatest strengths, but also very easy for others to exploit. As a Leo, JLo has the courageous mentality that would be able to defend you when she sees you are in harms way. Her sassy attitude paired with your cautious yet adventurous side make you two the perfect pair, especially when traveling!

4. Cancer

Your celebrity soul sister is Zooey Deschanel! As a Cancer, you are loyal, highly imaginative, and emotional. Sometimes you find that your sensitive side comes on a little to strong, so a Capricorn, like Zooey, would balance you out perfectly with their high level of self-control and discipline. However, when she needs to lighten up, you're not far away with your positive attitude and creative mind. You two would enjoy a bite to eat paired with deep conversations that you would connect with on an intellectual level.

5. Leo

Your celebrity soul sister is Chloe Grace Moretz! Everyone knows that the Leo is always the life of the party. You are cheerful, funny, and generous-- making even strangers feel easily attracted to you. As an Aquarius, Chloe's originality would mesh perfectly with your creativity. You both know how to have fun with others, but know when the right time to be independent is as well. You two would enjoy a Saturday trip to the mall, or even just a quick bite to eat!

6. Virgo

Your soul sister is Rihanna! A Virgo is loyal, hardworking, and realistic. You don't let false hope or negative energy ever cloud your judgement. Rihanna, a Pisces, has just the right amount of wisdom so that you two would never compete, but always share your best ideas. When you find that you are lacking creativity or artistic ability, Rihanna would step right in and be humble in offering her opinion or advice.

7. Libra

Your celebrity soul sister is Adele! Almost everyone gets along with a Libra. You are very cooperative and flexible, even when you know you don't have to be. You can easily tell right from wrong, and are not afraid to defend yourself. For that reason, you would pair well, especially in a social setting with Adele, a Taurus who might struggle with being too timid at times. However, her strong traits of stability and reliability makes her a friend that anyone would be lucky to have.

8. Scorpio

Your celebrity soul sister is Tina Fey! A Scorpio is the truest friend you could have. You are resourceful and brave, and really value a genuine friendship. As a Taurus, Tina is responsible and reliable, and would never make you feel uncomfortable coming off as strong as you might sometimes. She is also very funny and personable, knowing how to lighten any mood. For this reason, you two would be a fascinating duo, especially when introducing yourselves to new people!

9. Sagittarius

Your celebrity soul sister is Amy Schumer! As a Sagittarius, you love your freedom, especially when it comes to traveling. You are idealistic, and you find yourself at the most peace when you are outdoors. The curious nature of a Gemini, like Amy, loves to question her surroundings and find a deeper meaning in everything. You two would have a great time on a vacation together! Especially one that is rich in wildlife and nature, obviously accompanied by her brilliant sense of humor!

10. Capricorn

Your celebrity soul sister is Selena Gomez! As a Capricorn, you are responsible, disciplined, and almost always demonstrate self-control. For that, your peers-- even your close friends, often look up to you. You get along well with Cancers, like Selena, because they find that their incredible imagination might cause them to lose sight of their end goals. Selena's loyalty makes her a good friend, but everything she has to offer makes her a great one. You would learn to find her creativity as something that would benefit your life as well.

11. Aquarius

Your celebrity soul sister is Jennifer Love Hewitt! An Aquarius is a good friend, but is highly independent and does not rely on anyone for anything. However, you live for a genuine conversation that allows you to connect with someone on a deeper level. The sign that can offer you a great conversation in return is a Pisces, like Jennifer. Jennifer is intuitive and wise, sure to keep you level headed in making tough decisions. When you can both take time out of your busy lives, you would enjoy attending a concert together or even something more adventurous like playing a team sport!

12. Pisces

Your celebrity soul sister is Mila Kunis! As a Pisces, you love music, movies, and a good romance-- fictional or real. You tend to be more in touch with your artistic side, so you get along well with those who can grow in that journey with you. For this reason, Mila, a Leo, would easily feel many of the voids you have often felt in past failed friendships. Her creativity and passion would inspire you, rather than making you feel timid or inferior. You two would enjoy a visit to an art gallery, or even discussing a good book over coffee!