What Happened to Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy? (2018)

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So how did we lose Derek anyway?


Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), McDreamy, head of neurosurgery — whatever you might call him, he is a Grey's Anatomy legend. It's been so long since we've seen him, so we've been wondering what happened to Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy?

Remember back to season one when we might not have liked him so much for cheating on Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) with Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)? I mean, how could you forget that scene where Addison showed up to the Seattle Grace to rattle everyone's world?

Since then, Derek had really turned himself around into the best version of McDreamy that we all know and love. He was a father to three beautiful children with Meredith and even spent time at the hospital as Chief of Surgery.

Derek even ran a trial (that Meredith ended up invalidating) in search of a cure to Alzheimer's disease. What couldn't McDreamy do?

Today, we take a look at what happened to McDreamy and examine whether or not Dempsey will ever come back ot Grey's.

What Happened to Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy?


Before we dive into what happened to Derek that made him exit Grey's, we need to build up how much Derek persevered before going out the way he did.

One of our worst memories of Grey's Anatomy by far was season 6 episode 24, when Gary Clark (Michael O'Neill) entered the hospital with a gun. His end game was to seek revenge for the doctors responsible for the death of his wife. Gary's main target: Derek Shepherd. We were absolutely heartbroken to see Derek shot by Gary, especially right in front of Meredith! This episode takes the cake for one of the most tragic episodes in Grey's Anatomy history. However, with the help of Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) this is not where we ultimately lost Derek!

In season 8 episode 24, another very traumatic time in the lives of the Grey's doctors, a plane carrying Derek Shepherd, Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh), Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw), and Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) are involved in a plane crash. It was extremely heart-wrenching to witness the deaths of Lexie and Mark due to the crash, as well as watch Arizona's leg be amputated. Derek, Meredith, and Cristina all suffered injuries, but luckily made it out of the crash alive! So no, we still have not gotten to what actually happened to Derek.

Derek was involved in a terrible car accident in season 11 episode 21. The irony is in the fact that we was actually attempting to help victims of a car accident. Derek was rushed to a nearby hospital where we was not given the proper screenings that ultimately could have saved his life. Meredith showed up to find Derek's lifeless body in the hospital bed, a scene that has been burned into our brains ever since. This is the episode in which we lost Derek forever, leaving Meredith to raise their three children on her own. It's a shame to know it could have been completely preventable. Grey's Anatomy has not been the same since.

Will Derek Shepherd Return To Grey's Anatomy?

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We did get a brief moment of Derek's return since his death. Meredith was reminiscing about the loss of her husband, and we got to see his beautiful face again for quite a few seconds. We would not be shocked to see Derek's character return again in memories and images, but it is unlikely he will ever come back to life. I mean you really never know what Shonda Rhimes is capable of, but for now, we are forced to accept the tragedy.

We know. We know. He's dead. But, how would you want Derek to come back to Grey's? Let us know your crazy fan theories in the comments below!


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