These Purge Quotes Are So Scary, You'll Be Relieved It's Just A Movie

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Make sure to lock your doors tonight!

Terrifying Quotes From The Purge

These quotes from The Purge will frighten you beyond belief. When this movie first hit the theaters, we couldn't believe our eyes. Now, many years later we're still haunted by the twisted world of The Purge.

You might want to sleep with the lights on tonight because we've captured some of the best moments from the original movie in the series. When all crime is legal for 12 hours, what could possibly go wrong?

Lock your doors and close your windows when you read these scary quotes from The Purge. We're just glad there's no purge in real life!

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Memorable Purge Quotes

  • "This is the Emergency Broadcast System announcing the commencement of the annual purge. At the siren, all emergency services will be suspended for 12 hours. Your government thanks you for your participation." - Emergency Broadcast System

  • "Now get the hell out of my house." - Mary

  • "There you are... Thank you for accepting my invitation, now tell me why haven't you delivered the filthy swine to me yet? Are you protecting him? I certainly hope not Mr. Sandin." - The Polite Leader

  • "Just remember all the good the purge does." - Mary

Crazy Quotes From The Purge

  • "We're gonna make it through tonight, and everything is gonna be okay." - James

  • "You just gave our son a gun. You want to tell me what the hell we're doing?" - Mary

  • "Just let us Purge." - Polite Leader

  • "Incoming reports show this year's Purge has been the most successful to date, with the most murders committed." - News Reporter

Incredible Purge Quotes

  • "We are gonna play the rest of this night out in motherfucking peace. Does anyone have a problem with that?" - Mary

  • "You don't remember how bad it was, Charlie, the poverty, all the crime. This night saved our country." - James

  • "They can't get in here, right? They can't get into our home." - Mary

  • "Why did you let him into our home? We have no idea who's after him!" - James

Haunting Quotes From The Purge

  • "Why don't you guys kill someone tonight?" - Charlie

  • "We are having dinner! No penises!" - Mary

  • "Our target for this year's purge is hiding in your home. You have one hour to find him and give him to us or we will kill all of you. We will be coming in." - Polite Leader

  • "Look I know that this is difficult to understand at your age but tonight allows people a release for all the hatred, and violence, and aggression that they keep up inside them." - Mary

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