10 Shows Like Degrassi That'll Remind You Of Your Teen Years


10 Shows Like Degrassi That'll Remind You Of Your Teen Years

Nothing says nostalgia like shows similar to Degrassi that remind you of your teen years. Who doesn't want to relive spending their weekends on their parents' couch binge-watching Degrassi? We've put together a list of 10 shows that will bring you right back to that feeling. Drama, young love, and friendships seen in shows like Instant Star or 90210 will make you feel like you're right back to that time you thought you were invincible! We found the top teen dramas like Degrassi, you just have to sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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1. Instant Star

When a teenage girl named Jude wins a national singer/songwriter talent search, she finds that overnight fame turns her life upside down.

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2. Edgemont

This series follows students who struggle with typical high school drama, including dating and bullies.

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3. The Best Years

The Best Years follows Samantha Best's college years and the friends she makes along the way.

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4. The Vampire Diaries

Based on the popular book series, The Vampire Diaries is a thrilling supernatural drama.

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5. 90210

90210 follows the lives of wealthy Beverly Hills kids as they transition into adulthood.

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6. Glee

This series follows a high school's glee club as students find themselves and face the harsh realities of growing up.

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7. Lost Girl

A small-town girl ends up on the run after a sexual encounter with her boyfriend ends up killing him. She then discovers that she isn't even human.

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8. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl follows the drama-filled lives of privileged students living in Manhattan's Upper East Side.

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9. Life With Derek

A true sibling rivalry is exposed when Casey and Derek's parents marry, forcing them to survive together under the same roof.

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10. Zoey 101

This series follows a teenage girl after she is sent to a new boarding school in Malibu.