Patrick Dempsey Talks Ellen Pompeo and It's Seriously Adorable

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We've got the inside scoop on Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo, and it's just what we needed to hear!

Meredith And Derek's Love-Legacy Is Still Alive

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Our all-time favorite couple, Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) aren't going to let us forget about them quite yet. We still love Grey's Anatomy to death, but it's never really been the same since we lost Derek in season 15. Meredith's great love story felt like our own, and we miss it like crazy!

More than anyone, it's been a wild ride for Meredith since Derek died. With their three kids and her career moving forward in full force, there hasn't been much room for Meredith to date. She might eventually move on and get involved in a serious relationship again, but nothing will compare to MerDer. We know it, she knows it, and Shonda Rhimes knows it.

So, how does Dempsey really feel about Ellen? Is their real life relationship anything like their fantasy love story on Grey's? Unfortunately for us, that's probably not the case. However, we'd like to at least know they have a good friendship.

Patrick Dempsey Shows Ellen Pompeo Some Love

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In a recent interview Pompeo had with Entertainment Weekly, she referred to Dempsey as "a tough act to follow."

"That's a wonderful compliment and thank you," Dempsey responded to Pompeo's statement in a more recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, "That was a very special bond that just -- there was a magic to our connection and that's special."

This little interaction between the two stars is really all we needed to make our day. It's been three years, and they're still very supportive of each other's careers. Now that's real life goals.

Grey's Still Has A Place In Patrick Dempsey's Heart

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As expected, Dempsey has nothing but good things to say about Grey's Anatomy. It was a huge part of his life for a very long time, and still somewhat continues to be since he left.

"I think also too, the show has been on for 15 years, which is remarkable and they are beginning their season right now, and I wish them a lot of luck and continued success," Dempsey tells Entertainment Tonight. "And I see people from around the world that have now been inspired to become doctors and younger people who are now just discovering the show who want to go into the medical profession and I think that that is the greatest legacy with everybody at Grey's."

Since moving on from Grey's, Dempsey has been involved with directing. However, he hasn't forgotten to credit the show for giving him those stepping stones.

"I learned a lot from my experiences on Grey's," he claimed. "About what an actor needs and what it's like after 10 years. You see a lot of the cast members who are directing now and they always make the best directors, like Kevin [McKidd] and Chandra [Wilson] and Ellen [Pompeo], I think is directing now too, which I think is really good."

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