The Most STRESSFUL Grey's Anatomy Love Triangles, Ranked By You

meredith addison and derek in the elevator
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If there's one thing Grey's Anatomy knows how to do, it's stress us out! Oh, and give us these crazy twisted love stories. We've learned not to ever be surprised when two of the Grey's characters sleep together.

Some love triangles on the show are predictable. With others, no one ever saw them coming. With that being said, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) is the queen of love triangles. We can always expect to see her right in the middle of all the drama.

Which Grey's Anatomy love triangle stresses you out the most? Go ahead and give us your vote, and see how other Grey's fans voted too!


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The most iconic Grey's Anatomy love triangle yet was between Meredith, Derek, and Addison. Meredith and Derek's love story was just too good to be true. Addison, Derek's wife, just had to show up and turn everyone's world upside down. Things worked out for everyone in the end, but we blame Derek for all the drama in between!


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The love triangle between Derek, Addison, and Mark is the root of all evil. Mark was Derek's childhood best friend until he slept with his wife, Addison. When Addison moved to Seattle, she slept with Mark again! Surprisingly, Derek and Mark were able to move past it and wind up as close friends again.


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When Derek's behavior just wasn't making the cut for Meredith, she pursued a relationship with a veterinarian named Finn. Meredith decided to date both suitors at once to determine who was the best fit. Finn was great, but we all know how this story ends.


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Callie, Mark, and Arizona might have led one of the most twisted love triangles in Grey's history. In the midst of Callie's relationship, she sleeps with Mark. Callie winds up pregnant, and the three doctors decide to co-parent their daughter. It actually worked out surprising well while it lasted!


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It's pretty clear that Mark and Lexie's love was real. However, when Lexie got sick of Mark's BS, Jackson was right there waiting for her. The love triangle got so weird at one point that Mark gave his blessing to Jackson, allowing him to see Lexie. It was pretty obvious Mark and Lexie were meant to be, and they ended up dying in the plane crash together.


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The love triangle between Jackson, April, and Matthew was exposed in the most dramatic way possible. Jackson objected April and Matthew's wedding and the two ran away to be together. Their marriage was one of deep love and sorrow, they even had children together. However, April eventually ended up with Matthew again in the end.


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Grey's got so bizarre at one point, Meredith was involved in a love triangle with her own half-sister, Maggie. Meredith learned of Maggie's crush on Nathan after she already had slept with him herself. Meredith soon learned that lying to her sister only made things worse for everyone. However, in the end, Nathan left with his presumed-dead girlfriend, Megan, after she was found alive.


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Owen and Amelia have a rocky marriage, finally leading to a divorce. However, they eventually decided to salvage their relationship. When an unsuspecting Teddy shows up in Seattle, it's revealed that she's pregnant with Owen's baby. Owen is then put in a position that resembles every man's worst nightmare.