9 Most Romantic Grey's Anatomy Moments of All Time, Ranked

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There's plenty of romance in Grey's Anatomy to go around for everyone, but you already know who probably takes up the most space on this list. MerDer might have given us some of the best Grey's memories, but there has been plenty of love to go around for everyone.

Grey's is definitely known for unconventional forms of romance. For example, not everyone thinks cutting open a heart together would make a great date, but Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) probably would.

It's fair to say we can't totally relate to the romance on Grey's, but we sure would love to.

It was hard, but we narrowed down the 9 most romantic moments on the show. It's up to you to rank them in order!

So, vote for the best romantic moments on Grey's Anatomy! Did we forget your favorite? Tell us and if it gets enough write-in votes then it could be featured!

The Candlelit Bath

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

After Meredith and Derek decide to slowly get back ino the swing of things, they hop into a hot bath together. The ambiance is set by bubbles and candles burning around the tub.This romantic bath is Meredith and Derek's idea of taking things slow to work out their relationship.

House Of Candles

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

At the end of season 4, we see Meredith build Derek a house of candles on their land. She outlines the walls of their dream house with candles and waits for Derek to arrive. Meredith allowed herself to be totally vulnerable in this scene, melting our hearts.

The Elevator Proposal

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

This scene is so romantic in the most Grey's Anatomy way possible-- Derek plastered the elevator walls with X-ray from cases he and Meredith worked on together. He proceeds to ask her to marry him, and she obviously says yes!

Lexie Admits She Love's Mark

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It took a lot for Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) A.K.A. McSteamy to leave his player habits in the past and settle down with someone. The only person that he ever really had a soft spot for was Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh). Toward the end of season 8, Lexie has a breakdown in the most beautiful way possible and told mark she loved him.

Mark Admits He Loves Lexie

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One of the most romantic moments on Grey's Anatomy was also one of the most painful-- you could definitely guess it. When the plane crashed with all of the doctors on it, Mark sat by Lexie's side as she took her last breaths. He profusely confesses his love for her while in tears, while we cried just as hard.

Jackson And April's Marriage

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What's more romantic than leaving your fiancé at the altar for the man you really love? Sure, it was totally awkward when Jackson Avery (Jessie Williams) stood up and objected the wedding, but what happened after was just too romantic. The two are then seen running away together to elope!

Jo And Alex's Proposal

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

It feels like we waited years for this moment to finally happen. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) was searching everywhere for the ring he had for Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) when it turns out she had already put it on! Bold move by Jo, but someone had to get that ball rolling.

Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

In the midst of Derek's decision between his new girlfirned, Meredith and his wife, Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), things get a little crazy. Meredith practically begs Derek to love her with the famous line, "Pick me, choose me, love me." Emotions are running high, but this special moment they share is a defining one.

"The Only Time I Don't Feel Like A Ghost Is When You Look At Me"

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

It's no secret that Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) had a very traumatic past that often surfaced when he was with Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh). In this scene, he pulls her into an on-call room and pours his heart out to her. He proceeds to say, "The only time I don't feel like a ghost is when you look at me."