The Most HEARTBREAKING Moments On Grey's Anatomy, Ranked By You

derek holding meredith after she almost drowned grey's anatomy
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It's no secret that Grey's Anatomy has a tendency to rip our hearts out of our chests. Just when we think everything has settled down, someone has to leave or die. After 15 seasons of tears, you'd think we would have gotten used to it by now!

To this day, Grey's knows all of our weak spots. If it's that time of the week to catch up on the series, us seasoned fans know to have a tissue box nearby. Grey's Anatomy is ready to break our hearts at any given moment.

Which moments from the show have truly cut the deepest? Help us rank the most heartbreaking moments on Grey's Anatomy by voting here! Don't be shy. You might be surprised to see how many other fans agree with you!

When Derek Died

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

If you didn't uncontrollably sob when Derek died in season 11, you're probably lying. And when we thought it couldn't get any worse, watching Meredith say goodbye to his lifeless body proved us wrong. There were lots of tears and tissues present for that moment.

When Derek Chose Addison

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We were obviously all rooting for Meredith when Derek finally had to choose between her and Addison in season 2. Sure Addison was his (cheating) wife, but Meredith was everything Derek didn't know he needed. Although we know it worked out in the end, Meredith didn't deserve that heartbreak - and we felt it too!

When Burke Left Cristina At The Altar

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We watched as Cristina gathered every ounce of courage to finally marry Burke in season 3. Cristina laid her heart out in front of him and he just left it there to bleed. Watching her have a full on break down in her wedding dress was nothing short of tearjerking.

When Meredith Realized John Doe Was George

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We can all remember how we felt in that exact moment when Meredith figured out their John Doe was really one of their own, George. No one on Grey's is perfect, but George is the only one who came close. He literally threw himself in front of a bus to save a stranger. This painful realization at the end of season 5 threw us a real curveball.

When Cristina Said Goodbye To Meredith

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

No Grey's love story even comes close to comparing to the friendship between Meredith and Cristina. The "twisted sisters" have been through just about everything together. Watching them say goodbye felt like saying goodbye to our own "person". Since Cristina left at the end of the tenth season, Meredith's never quite seemed the same.

When April And Jackson's Baby Died

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We all knew it was coming - at the end of season 11, April's prenatal tests made it clear that baby Samuel would die soon after his birth. However, none of us were prepared to watch April hold her baby as he took his final breath. Not to mention, we've never seen Jackson so torn up.

When Izzie Went Into Surgery

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

At the end of season 5, Izzie went into surgery for her brain cancer fully prepared to die. However, Alex wasn't as accepting of her decision. It broke our hearts to watch as Izzie said what could've been her last goodbye to Alex before the surgery.

When Lexie Died

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Watching Lexie die in the plane crash in season 8 was one of the hardest things we ever had to do. What made it even worse was watching Mark break down while the love of his life took her final breaths. We will never forgive Shonda for this one.