The Definitive Ranking Of Meredith Grey's Love Interests, Ranked By You

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Meredith Grey has dated a lot of men throughout her time on Grey's Anatomy. Whether it's a one-night stand or a marriage with three kids, Meredith's love life has seen all their is to see. We've learned not to get too attached to any of her men, they never really last. However, this comes as no surprised to us. Meredith has been independent since the beginning, it's pretty clear she doesn't need a man to make her whole.

Which one of Meredith's love interests are your favorite? We've created a list of all the men she's had romantic interactions with, no matter how brief they were. We need your input to rank them in order! Vote for your favorites and least favorites, and see how other fans voted as well!

Derek Shepherd

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Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) A.K.A. McDreamy will always be Meredith's one true love. Their love first blossomed when she was just an unsuspecting intern who accidentally slept with her boss before her first shift. It was a total disaster at first, but Derek turned out to be an amazing husband to Meredith and father to their three children.

George O'Malley

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Meredith's love interest in George O'Malley's (T.R. Knight) was so short-lived, we almost forgot all about it. They were close friends throughout their internship year who ended up sleeping together, something they both later seemed to regret. The two went back to being friends like it never even happened, probably crushing George's dreams.

Finn Dandridge

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Finn Dandridge (Chris O'Donnell) came into the picture when Meredith and Derek's dog Doc needed to visit the vet. When it just didn't seem to be working out with Derek, considering he had a wife, Meredith decided to pursue a fling with Finn. However, it soon came down to Meredith dating both Derek and Finn at the same time, and we all know who she ultimately picked.

Will Thorpe

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Will Thorpe (Scott Elrod) definitely had the potential to be the right guy for Meredith (he's a total hottie), but he swooped in at a terrible time. Will's advances were pretty persistent, so they eventually dated and slept together. Meredith was still mourning over Derek at the time, so it was totally expected that she wasn't ready to commit to anything. He was sweet enough to say he'd wait for her, but she probably lost interest.

Nathan Riggs

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We liked Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) a lot, and it was pretty obvious that Meredith did too. Their relationship actually seemed pretty promising at first. Nathan was the first real connection she seemed to have with someone since Derek's death. However, it was cut short when Nathan's missing fiancée, Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer) was found alive.

Andrew DeLuca

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The thing between Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) and Meredith was a little weird at first, considering the age gap. DeLuca is the young hot doctor that crushes on the older woman, it almost seems unrealistic. However, there was a drunken kiss and a spillage of feelings by DeLuca, accompanied by Meredith's sex dreams. At least he's cute!

Atticus Lincoln

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We can't deny that Atticus "Link" Lincoln's (Chris Carmack) obsession with Meredith wasn't a little creepy. Sure he's the hot new ortho god, but we're picky when it comes to Meredith's love interests. Link seems more like a hook up than anything serious for Meredith.