Send 22 Italian Quotes About Love to Your Crush and See What Happens

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You'll have them melting.

Italian Quotes About Love

There's a reason they call Italian the language of love. Each word rolls off the tongue with a sense of beauty and sensuality that cannot be mimicked. That's why Italian quotes about love are our favorite! There's no better way to express your affection for your crush, boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse than with these Italian words.

Just can't seem to find the right thing to say to the one you love? These endearing quotes will show them exactly how you really feel. If you're looking to make stronger connections with the Italian culture, it might first be helpful to learn the language.

Let these Italian love quotes inspire you to express your deepest desires. When you use them with your object of affection, they will be at a loss of words on how to respond! Before you know it, the two of you will be taking a romantic vacation to Italy together.

Romantic Italian Love Quotes

  • "Mio amore." My love.

  • "Grazie amore per sapermi amare." Thank you my love for knowing how to love me.

  • "Ho scritto una storia d'amore senza inizio e senza fine... per scriverla con te." I have written a love story without a beginning or ending... so that we may write it together.

  • "Ho saziato la mia sete alla fontana dei tuoi baci." I quenched my thirst at your fountain of kisses.

  • "Sei la mia stella polare." You are my polar star.

  • "Sei come la schiuma del mare: ti abbraccio e non ci sei, ti amo e sei sparito." You are like the foam from the sea: I hug you and you aren't there, I love you and you disappear.

Passionate Italian Quotes About Love

  • "Hai dato un senso alla mia vita." You have given sense to my life.

  • "Tesoro mio." My darling.

  • "Quando il buio della sera maschera il mio viso, solo allora potrei dirti certe cose." When the dark of the evening obscures my face, only then can I tell you certain things.

  • "Mi mancano i tuoi occhi." I miss your eyes.

  • "Ti amero' per tutta la mia vita." I will love you my whole life.

  • "C'era la luna quella sera, ma quando tu te ne andasti si nascose umiliata dietro una nuvola." There was the moon that evening, but when you left it hid behind a cloud, humiliated.

Beautiful Italian Love Quotes

  • "Ho bisogno di te." I need you.

  • "La mia anima é umida se no c'é il tuo sole ad asciugarla." My soul is moist if I don't have your sun to dry it.

  • "Ti amerò finchè ho vita." I will love you while I still have life.

  • "Sei la ragione per cui vivo, per cui ogni giorno sorrido." You are my reason for living, for why I smile every day.

  • "Dammi la tua mano e corriamo uniti per tutta la vita." Give me your hand and we will run together our whole lives.

Irresistible Italian Love Quotes

  • "Come un raggio di sole hai illuminato la mia vita." Like a ray of light you have brightened/warmed my life.

  • "Oggi si festeggia il tuo compleanno ma io lo festeggio tutti i giorni." Today is the celebration of your birthday but I celebrate it every day.

  • "Sei la mia vita." You are my life.

  • "So che posso sognare, so che non ti avrò mai, ma so anche che non potrò mai smettere d'amarti!" I know I can dream, I know I will never have you, but I also know I will never stop loving you!

  • "Sei come l'acqua nel deserto." You are like water in the desert.

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