19 Extraordinary Grey's Anatomy Tattoos You Need Right Now

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Best Grey's Anatomy Tattoos

Do you call yourself a Grey’s Anatomy fan? Well, get in line behind everyone who has a Grey’s tattoo on their body— those are the real fans! Just kidding, you don’t need to make Grey’s a permanent part of your skin to be considered a true fan, but it would sure help.

You’d have to be lying if you didn’t think your favorite Grey’s quote would look good on you. Or maybe you’ve even considered getting a portrait of Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) but that might be a little too much!

Whether you’ve seriously considered a Grey’s Anatomy tattoo or not, it’s definitely worth checking out some cool ones that already exist to inspire some ideas.

Check out these 19 tattoos we’ve found that real fans just like you have decided to put on their skin. Surprisingly most of them are pretty cute! Who knows, maybe you’ll find just what you’ve been looking for.

  • It's A Beautiful Day To Save Lives Tattoo

    Community Score: 14
    Jess Reiss via Pinterest
  • Just Breathe Tattoo

    Community Score: 13
    sxcialmisfit via Instagram
  • Dance It Out Tattoo

    Community Score: 12
    shutupshery via Instagram
  • Be Extraordinary Tattoo

    Community Score: 12
    Devan Trinkley via Pinterest
  • Simple Carousel Tattoo

    Community Score: 10
    conny_db via Instagram
  • I Am The Sun Tattoo

    Community Score: 10
    martinazoncada1998 via Instagram
  • Extraordinary Tattoo

    Community Score: 9
    nankintattoo via Instagram
  • Heartbeat Tattoo

    Community Score: 6
    avs.tattoos via Instagram
  • "Have some fire. Be unstoppable. Be a force of nature." –Cristina Yang

    Community Score: 6
    nataliemay_97 via Instagram
  • Sun Tattoo

    Community Score: 6
    dropsofshaylei via Instagram
  • Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me Tattoo

    Community Score: 4
    _ciccia_23 via Instargam
  • The Carousek Never Stops Turning

    Community Score: 3
    larahduarte via Instagram
  • You’re My Person Heartbeat Tattoo

    Community Score: 3
    marzia.10 via Instagram
  • Cartoon You’re My Person Tattoos

    Community Score: 3
    chrisrodas via Instagram
  • It's A Beautiful Day To Save Lives Tattoo

    Community Score: 3
    bethannyrichards via Instagram
  • Dark & Twisty Tattoo

    Community Score: 1
    tattoosbyjaclyn via Instagram
  • It’s A Beauitful Day To Save Lives Scalpel Tattoo

    Community Score: -2
    alexander.north6 via Instagram
  • Cristina And Meredith Cartoons Tattoo

    Community Score: -3
    eleonorastorani via Instagram
  • Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me Heartbeat Tattoo

    Community Score: -6
    alyssar4261988 via Instagram