Grey's Anatomy's SADDEST Deaths, Ranked By You

izzie wearing prom dress crying holding onto denny's dead body in hospital bed
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

The deaths on Grey's Anatomy make it almost too unbearable to watch sometimes. It's like we fall in love with characters only to have them killed right in front of our eyes! However, the unpredictability of Grey's is also the reason we love it so much.

We bet a few characters come to mind when you think of the saddest deaths on Grey's Anatomy. They all hurt, but some cut way deeper than others. Which deaths do you think take the cake for being the saddest? We've created a list of some major deaths, but we need you to go ahead and rank them!

Derek Shepherd

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We honestly don't know if Derek's death was harder on Meredith or on us. The accident he was involved in came out of nowhere and had us totally shook. Even more upsetting was the fact that he could've possible survived if his doctors treated him properly.

Denny Duquette

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We really didn't expect Denny to die just yet, especially after he just proposed to Izzie. Denny was definitely a favorite patient, not just for us, but for the entire hospital. The whole mishap with his LVAD wire and eventual death still haunts us.

Lexie Grey

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Lexie Grey was brought to us and then taken away not too long after. Her bright and vibrant personality was hard to let go of, especially since it happened so suddenly. We will never forget that traumatic scene of her death at the plane crash.

Mark Sloan

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

We really though Mark was going to survive the plane crash until he eventually succumbed to his injuries. It was a sad day in the hospital for everyone to see Mark go. We find comfort in knowing at least he would meet Lexie on the other side.

George O'Malley

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

If it wasn't for Meredith deciphering George's "007" hand cues, we might have never known that the unidentified patient was George. Everyone was incredibly shaken up at this discovery, especially since George was leaving the hospital to pursue his dream in the military. At least we can say George died a true hero.

Adele Webber

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

The end of Adele's life got pretty unbearable to watch. With the Alzheimer's fully set in, she barely recognized her own husband. Adele's death was bittersweet. It was tough to watch her go, but it almost felt freeing to know she would finally be out of her pain.

Samuel Norbert Avery

Grey's Anaomy on ABC

April and Jackson were fully aware that their baby, Samuel would die moments after he was born. However, upon April's request, she birthed Samuel so her parents could hold him once before he left this Earth. This takes the cake for one of the most emotional death's on Grey's yet.

Ellis Grey

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Meredith hadn't always portrayed her mother, Ellis, in the best light. However, this doesn't mean her death wasn't completely heartbreaking. Maybe Meredith wasn't totally hung up on it, but we were!

Harold O'Malley

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

George's father, Harold O'Malley was brought into the hospital with a broken clavicle that Callie treated. However, things spiraled downhill leading to Harold's discovery of his cancer and eventual death. It was hardest to watch him leave behind his three sons.

Jimmy Evans

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Jimmy Evans was the estranged father of Alex. Although Alex didn't have a memorable childhood with his father, he learned to make peace with him after all these years. However, Jimmy ended up dying during complications with a surgery on his heart.