Grey's Anatomy's Best Guest Stars, Ranked By You

sarah paulson playing ellis grey on grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Grey's Anatomy has seen many guest stars throughout the years. However, some definitely stick out to us more than others. We love our regulars, but seeing guest stars on the show gets us excited for some new faces.

We've had guest stars come on Grey's Anatomy as both patients and doctors. Some of them we hate to see leave, but with others, we're dying for their appearance to come to an end. Can you think of some of your favorite guest stars you've seen on Grey's Anatomy?

We've created a list of 10 of our top guest star picks on Grey's. We need your help to vote for your favorites and least favorites!

Sarah Paulson

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

When we finally got a glimpse at the young Ellis Grey, we were pleased to see her being played by Sarah Paulson. Although we really only see Paulson through flashbacks, no one could have represented Ellis in her glory days any better.

Kyle Chandler

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Kyle Chandler plays man named Dylan who is unfortunately killed by a bomb. However his short time on Grey's allowed him to represent Dylan as a true hero in the hospital.

Elizabeth Reaser

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

Elizabeth Reaser first appears on Grey's as Jane Doe with a badly disfigured face. However, Alex eventually gives her the name Ava before it's finally revealed that her name is Rebecca Pope.

Mary McDonnell

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

The Chief looked to Dr. Dixon (Mary McDonnell) to fill the role as head of cardiology at the hospital. We were introduced to her as a character with Asperger's syndrome, making it difficult for others to communicate with her. She eventually faded away into the Grey's blackhole.

Demi Lovato

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Demi Lovato appears in Grey's as a suspected schizophrenic patient who tries to claw her own eyes out. However, Alex reveals after some tests that she was never crazy after all.

Michael O'Neill

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Michael O'Neill plays the infamous shooter on Grey's Anatomy. His character, Cary Clark pays the hospital a revenge visit with Dr. Shepherd as his main target.

Abigail Breslin

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

Who could ever forget when the adorable Abigail Breslin guest starred on Grey's? The young star played a patient who is immune to feeling pain.

Zach Gilford

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Zach Gilford came on Grey's as a soldier with a mysterious pain in his leg, hoping the doctors will amputate it. After presenting a very convincing case, the doctors agree to go through with it.

Katie Lowes

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Katie Lowes played a blood donor on Grey's Anatomy. She would later go on to play the larger role as Quinn on Scandal.

Doris Roberts

Grey's Anatomy via Instagram

A very irritating patient with lung cancer is played by Doris Roberts. We actually learn to like her when it's revealed that she donated $200,000 to Alex's African orphans project.