You'll Feel So Close To These 27 Calvin Harris Instagram Captions

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Who says we need to grow up?

Best Calvin Harris Instagram Captions

We know Calvin Harris by his feel-good hit singles and albums. If you've been living your best life lately, these fun lyrics are perfect for your next Instagram caption. They remind us that there’s no better time than now to be happy!

It’s no surprise that this EDM star has gone mainstream. Harris’s music can instantly put anyone in a better mood. Although his songs can certainly make us feel like it’s summer, they make great IG captions during any time of the year.

If you’ve been feeling yourself, these Calvin Harris lyrics are just what you need to spice up your Insta profile. These captions will show the world that you’ve never been better!

Irresistible Calvin Harris Instagram Captions

  • I look like all you need.

  • I wear my heart upon my sleeve, like a big deal.

  • And there's no stopping us right now.

  • We found love in a hopeless place.

  • Don't be afraid to catch feels.

Romantic Calvin Harris Instagram Captions

  • When everything's wrong, you make it right.

  • You're giving me such sweet nothing.

  • You're the only one that's making sense to me.

  • Let me love you while the moon is still out.

  • And it's not enough to tell me that you care.

Top Calvin Harris Instagram Captions

  • You act so innocent now.

  • Cause nothing but love can take us away from here.

  • Water to champagne fountains.

  • All this jewelry ain't no use when it's this dark.

  • Do you like getting paid or getting paid attention?

Fun Calvin Harris Instagram Captions

  • Stay on your hustle, you be on your grind.

  • I need a little space in my mind.

  • No inhibition, no sin.

  • Blame it on the night.

  • I got millions on my mind.

Carefree Calvin Harris Instagram Captions

  • I've been rollin' on the freeway, I've been riding 85.

  • I'd rather be hard to love than easy to leave.

  • Baby, this is what you came for.

  • And you didn't fit the picture, so I guess you weren't the vibe.

  • Whole squad sending prayers up.

Our Favorite Calvin Harris Instagram Captions

  • Gotta play it by my rules, so I swerve on him.

  • Do you mind if I steal a kiss?

  • Magic is in the air.

  • Lightning strikes every time she moves.

  • Stand up on my shoulders, tell me what you see.

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