7 Social Distancing Activities To Help Maintain Your Mental Heath

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Don't put your mental health on the back burner.

7 Social Distancing Activities To Help Maintain Your Mental Heath

Mental health is an important conversation we need to have surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Being forced into quarantine by our governments and an uncertain world has presented many challenges. One of those has been maintaining and nourishing our mental health, just as much as our physical health.

So while you're practicing social distancing, know that it doesn't always have to be boring or debilitating. Rather than viewing this quarantine as a challenge in your path, look at it as an opportunity. There is actually a lot of room for mental growth while in the confinement and solitude of your own home.

We've highlighted 7 of the best at-home activities and tips to keep your mental health in check. Don't let self-isolation bring you down any longer. Instead, allow it to enlighten you and redefine the purpose in your life.

Get Some Exercise

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It's no secret that exercise plays a role in mental health, not just physical. Although it may be more of a challenge to workout without a gym, it's definitely still possible! In fact, there's a plethora of resources online to help you kickstart your at-home workouts.

If you don't already have a solid routine, start with something like yoga. Yoga only requires a small about of floor space, and although a mat is helpful, it's not necessary. If you can safely do so, try getting outside and going for a walk or a bike ride. Even an activity as simple as walking will make a huge different in your quarantined days.

Make Art

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As we all run out of things to do while we're stuck at home, it's comforting to know we always have art. If you've been visualizing a painting or a drawing for a while, there's no better time than now to make it happen. Maybe it's jewelry making, sewing, scrapbooking—literally anything works. Perhaps you don't consider yourself to be the artistic type, that's okay. You might be able to find comfort in doodling or sketching, even if it's just for fun.

Organize Your Space

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Since you're going to be stuck in your home until further notice, you might as well make it aesthetically pleasing. Go through all your drawers, change up your decor, and reorganize your room. It will give you at least a couple days worth of something to do. Not to mention, you'll feel good about how much you've accomplished once you're done. Giving your space a refresher will make you feel like a whole new person, in the best way possible.

Organize Your Life

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Try to take this time to pinpoint your stressors and find possible solutions to eliminate them. If it's your relationship, sit down with your partner and have a healthy conversation about it. If it's your finances, take time to dig into your financial situation and work on a budget. Perhaps it's something more personal, like your self-esteem. Invest in one of many self-help books that could offer you a new perspective. You will benefit from addressing these things now that you finally have time to.

Play A Cognitive Game

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When's the last time you finished a puzzle, a crossword, or sodoku? Before social media became our primary source of entertainment, we had these old-school games to keep us busy. Allow them to help you brush up on your memory, attention, and reasoning skills, something many of us unknowingly neglect. Upon completion of a challenging game, you will even feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Who doesn't like the sound of that? Not to mention, playing card games should also be considered.

Create A Routine

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In a world where everything has become so unpredictable, hold on tight to what you can control. Making a daily schedule will force you to stick to a routine, which will benefit you. Knowing what the next step in your day is will help keep you grounded.

Keeping a routine is beneficial for a proper sleep cycle, adequate nutrition intake, and emotional regulation. Make time for things you enjoy, work, meals, and the people in your household. Creating a schedule and actually using it will bring backs much normalcy to your life as possible.

Limit Screen Time

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Although social distancing is making us more drawn to our phones, it's time to consider setting boundaries. Your cell phone is a source of connectivity, but it is also a source of bad news. It's almost impossible to stay in touch with your friends online without taking in all the upsetting news that comes with it.

You should still set aside time to keep in contact with loved ones whom you can't see, but don't be too generous. Allowing your mind to absorb online negativity can increase your anxiety and stress levels. If it's too difficult to manage yourself, consider utilizing your phone's screen time features and even deleting certain apps. In short: get a new hobby that doesn't involve social media.

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